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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity - Essay Example

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The article “Culturally Sensitive Research Approaches: An African-American Perspective. Educational Researcher” was written by Tillman Linda, and published in the year 2002 in the volume 31, number 9 of the journal called “Educational Researcher.” …
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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity
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Download file to see previous pages This journal article mainly addresses an important issue regarding the African Americans in the process of qualitative research. Tillman advances a valid argument in this article. She mainly argues that it is important for all researchers engaged in qualitative research, which involves African Americans, to put into consideration various aspects of ethics and cultural competence when dealing with the cultural group during the research process. In order to ensure that all researchers consider this issue, Tillman proposes a theoretical framework, which promotes cultural sensitivity, and which researchers studying African Americans can utilize to guide their research process.
I chose to focus on African Americans, because this is one of the special groups of people in the United States. African Americans have a history, and today, their history is a major factor that contributes to how this cultural group perceives the world and the people around them today. In addition, the African Americans are considered a minority group in the United States. Most minority groups are faced with various issues regarding racism and segregation. Therefore, like other minority groups, the majority group in the United States have most of the times misunderstood the African Americans, including misunderstanding how and why they do certain things. For this reason, there has been a case of different stereotypes, which people link to African Americans. Stereotypes are basically assumptions, which outsiders hold about a specific cultural group, and most of the times, these assumptions are not valid. Therefore, it is important to focus on African Americans with regard to this topic, as these influence the professional communication in healthcare. For instance, a white healthcare practitioner might receive an African American patient, with whom an encounter will ensue. Therefore, given the misunderstandings that surround African Americans, it is possible for the healthcare practitioner to experience communication problems in his or her encounter with the African American patient. This could specifically arise due to a case of cultural insensitivity exhibited by the healthcare practitioner towards the African American, and more so, this could be done unknowingly. In the journal article, Tillman mainly aims at contributing to the larger debate, which focuses on the need for culturally sensitive approaches in qualitative research. According to Tillman (2002), in order to utilize culturally sensitive approaches in qualitative research, it is paramount that the various aspects of qualitative research, including data collection and data interpretation should be based on the cultural standpoints of both the researcher and he respondent. Therefore, a major argument of Tillman in this article is that the cultural standpoint of both the researcher and respondent should act as the main framework through which the research process is conducted. With regard to the African American culture, Tillman argues that since African Americans are a minority group in the United States, there is dire need that the framework a researcher utilizes in studying them in qualitative research be conceptual and expanded. The research framework used to study African Americans should also be wide enough to capture and draw on their experiences and history. Tillman (2002) also notes that a culturally sensitive research approach considers and captures the two significant aspects of ethnicity and position culture, and makes these to be core to the research process. Theoretical framework that Tillman (2012) proposes to be used for qualitative studies involving African Americans has distinct characteristics, which are aimed at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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