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Importance of Health - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the many ways by which the nursing profession can also do its part as a crucial member of the health care team. It is always a good mindset to not rely on the government in all instances, such as in health care, there are clearly limits to what the government can do…
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Importance of Health
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Extract of sample "Importance of Health"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper “Importance of Health” highlights the importance of the level of health care and the ethics of nursing care in patients’ treatment. The aim of nursing is to maintain well-being by prevention of injuries and avoidance of illnesses. A healthy citizenry is the primary aim of any government public health program. On the other hand, there are many resource constraints which can prevent the government from giving a much-needed help for health care to everyone of its citizens. This paper discusses the many ways by which the nursing profession can also do its part as a crucial member of the health care team. It is always a good mindset to not rely on the government in all instances, such as in health care. There are clearly limits to what the government can do, given its limited budget and also the very bureaucratic nature of governance; help may not be forthcoming at all or it might get delayed. In particular, this paper looks at how changing demographics has increased the number of elderly citizens in most countries today. This group of people is the most vulnerable of all, in terms of access to health care, financial resources, and the onset of many age-related ailments or diseases. Older or senior citizens therefore require special attention because of these factors. The overall aging (graying) of society is not confined to just a few countries. Advances in medical or scientific knowledge also contributed to longer lifespans, so there are now more older people. Most senior citizens are parents and grandparents, with families of their own and many offspring who love them for their warmth, wisdom, and accumulated knowledge. Their impact on the overall community is their presence gives younger people and families a certain sense of importance and continuity in terms of inter-generational relationships. The importance of them staying healthy is that the community can exert effort on more productive activities and not get tied down to caring for them and spending financial resources for their medication and treatment. To stay healthy is to save precious dollars which impacts positively on the whole community. The primary responsibility for senior group health is on the members of their own family who have to take care of them and provide for their material ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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