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Healthcare Systems Around the Globe - Research Paper Example

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Healthcare Systems all over the World [Institution] Healthcare Systems all over the World Introduction Healthcare is one of the key areas discussed by governments all over the world. The United States of America has been one of the leaders in medical innovation over the past decades (Holtz, 2008)…
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Healthcare Systems Around the Globe
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Download file to see previous pages The French have were found to have the most efficient healthcare system in a report released by the World Health Organization in the year 2000. The report was notorious within the United States as the country was found to have the highest expenditure, however, was ranked 15th in its overall efficiency (Folland, 2006). This paper will make a comparison between the French and American healthcare systems. Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison between U.S. and France Firstly, the analytical data obtained from the two countries illustrates the difference in their efficiency. According to the report released by WHO in 2011, France has a population of approximately 65 million and a life expectancy of 81,8 years (World Health Organization, par 1). Females in France have a slightly higher life expectancy of 85 years whilst the males have an expectancy of 78,5 years. This places the country 10th in the world. The United States has a slightly lower life expectancy with females at 80,67years and males at 74,89 years (World Health Organization, par 1). The United States is ranked number 33 in the world life expectancy rankings. The United States has a mortality rate of 8,25 per 1000 population whilst France has a rate of 4,10 (World Health Organization, par 1).The leading causes of death in France include lung cancer, coronary heart disease, breast cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s. ...
Health Care Financing: Comparison between U.S. and France Healthcare in the United States is financed through both private and public sectors, whilst the funding in the French healthcare system is largely controlled by the government (Shi and Douglas, 2009). The French government funds approximately 70% of an individual’s healthcare costs and in cases of long term care all the patient’s costs are covered. Citizens may also obtain supplemental coverage from private insurers who are frequently nonprofit organizations. The French government spends approximately 11,2% of the country’s GDP on healthcare. The United States spends 15% of its GDP on healthcare and when considering cost per capita, this equates to almost double the amount spent by France (Shi and Douglas, 2009). In addition, citizens in the United States spend more money on pharmaceuticals and hospital care than the French. Healthcare Administration: Comparison between U.S. and France Healthcare in America is overseen by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The provision of health insurance by the American government is carried out through Medicaid and Medicare which were established in 1966. As mentioned above, the French healthcare system is largely controlled by the government through the French National Health Service. This service refunds patients their healthcare costs and the citizens are expected to contribute depending on their income. Health Care Personnel and Facilities: Comparison between U.S. and France The United States has one of the lowest physician per capita ratio with approximately 731 000 physicians, equating to approximately 2,5 physicians per 1000. There are approximately 26,669,603 nurses which equates to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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