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How obamacare relates to the practice of nursing and healthcare - Essay Example

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Obama Care Author [Pick the date] During the presidential campaign, one of the four main priorities mentioned by Obama was universal healthcare. Although following the zeitgeist of the election campaigns, many others like Hilary Clinton and mitt Romney also talked a lot about improving healthcare but Obama was the most vocal candidate in this respect…
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How obamacare relates to the practice of nursing and healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages The name Obamacare was ironically given to it by Mitt Romney in 2007 as a pejorative term and was readily picked by media and then by Obama and other democrats. When Obama was talking about healthcare reforms, Romney took it as a threat and warned his supporters and Republicans in an address that Obama was just doing it to earn fame and to brag about it later. Romney mockingly said that if Democrats win and implement their healthcare policies, they are going to be more about their fame and less about the public welfare and the Democrats would probably name their policies according to their own names like Obamacare and Hillarycare etc. Romney also called it “socialized medicine” (Pham, 2013). When Obama was asked about it later, he very proudly said that “Yes, Obama cares”. This reform underwent a lot of ups and downs before getting signed. A very lengthy debate was held on this topic in the Senate and the House of Representatives and a lot of media hype was given to the issue. Due to all this highlighting, it became one of the popular topic of debates and discussions among all and sundry and at the same time it gave rise to bravura of confusions and myths. It became one of the most debated topics in USA and ironically, most of the people didn’t even know actually about its exact implications (Wallace, 2012). The American citizens were already having healthcare facilities and insurance under the Medicaid laws that were being practiced. Being used to the existing healthcare and insurance policies, Obamacare became a hard pill to swallow for the American citizens and especially for the elderly people. With lack of awareness and confusing debates on media no one in America exactly knows whether Obamacare is actually going to help or to add more to their sufferings. Actually Obamacare is the overhauling of the already existing policies of healthcare and insurance. It adds more to the healthcare system of the country by increasing quality and affordability of health insurance. This affordability and quality is aimed to be achieved by lowering the insurance rates and increasing public and private insurance. There are many provisions that are going to be practiced under the banner of Obamacare. These are specifically designed to get more and more public attracted towards the new policy and by making the conditions easier or at least apparently easier for the public. This policy ensures same premium price for everyone, despite of their existing conditions. So this is going to be affordable and available for all without any discrimination. It also prohibits denial due to pre existing conditions. This policy is going to help people with low incomes. It is going to give them equal health benefits and thus going to be very useful. It is also going to provide subsidies for low income individuals and families. These subsidies are going to be provided to people who are earning between 100% and 400% of Federal poverty level. This is a very practically helpful step for people with low incomes and thus they can have good and affordable healthcare with provision of this subsidy that covers a lot of people with low incomes. This subsidy will also encourage people to get insured because of its affordability and thus it will practically help in getting nearer to the notion of universal healthcare. There are also going to be many reforms in the Medicaid payment systems and with these reforms Obamacare will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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