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Report of the death of Vicky Margaret who died at Albany hospital - Case Study Example

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This report is prepared to help Albany hospital to find out the cause of the death of Mrs. Greeuw, and to help them to prevent such cases in the future. Mrs. Greeuw was forty-five years old at the time of her death, and she had been admitted to the hospital involuntarily eleven days before she died…
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Report of the death of Vicky Margaret who died at Albany hospital
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Download file to see previous pages Vicky Margaret was involuntarily admitted at Albany Hospital because the doctors found out that she had a mental illness, which could not allow her to make an informed decision about whether to get treatment (Hope, 2009). The doctors discovered that Margaret had a mental illness according to the statement given by her mother. The statement argued that the patient was diagnosed with the mental disorder after giving birth to her two children. The hospital diagnosed Mrs. Greeuw with bipolar and schizoaffective disorders. The results of the post mortem conducted by the Chief Forensic Pathologist, Dr Cookie, however, indicated that Vicky died from bowel obstructions. The report that comprised of photographs showed that the bowel obstructions resulted from constipation, which led to vomiting and piling up of faeces in the rectum of the deceased. Further investigation indicated that the medication used to treat the patient was capable of leading to constipation. The medication includes Olozapine, Lamotrigine, Ferrograd, Benztropine, and chlorpromazine (Hope, 2009). All the prescriptions had side effects of leading to constipation, and the doctors failed to examine Vicky’s physical condition. This led to the severity of the case, which consequently led to the death of Vicky Margaret....
This led to the severity of the case, which consequently led to the death of Vicky Margaret. 1.1 Objectives of the report The main aim of preparing this report is to find out and analyze the causes of the death of Vicky Margaret. The report also aims at formulating recommendations that will help health institutions to prevent similar cases. Health institutions may integrate the recommendations in their policies to ensure that nurses and doctors attend to patients efficiently. 2.0 Background of the report The report was compiled using nursing and laboratory notes and reports, in addition to discussions with critical health officers such as psychiatrists, nurses, and general practitioners. 2.1 Analysis of the Case using the Human Factors Models The Human Factors Model explains that efficiency at the workplace is achieved when human characteristics are integrated into the system of a clinic. The human factors include effective communication, safe working tools, and healthy working conditions. The theory argues that errors are reduced in the workplace when there is efficient communication, and workers use safe tools. In this case, the patient was not examined physically, and there was no proper communication between the doctors who treated Vicky. Griffies, the doctor who admitted Margaret, argued that he was not responsible for the treatment of the patient. Griffies failed to communicate with the doctor who treated Vicky, yet he had some information on her condition. The practitioners also ignored the treatment history of the patient, which shows that Vicky was treated with bowel obstructions in 2005, and she had been admitted to the hospital twelve times since 1989. The case would have been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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