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Nursing in Partnership with Faith Based Parish Nurses - Research Paper Example

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In the report, the researcher has discussed the nursing in partnership with faith based parish nurses. The researcher aims to pay special attention to legal and ethical issues that have been highlighted within the framework of a partnership between community nurses and parish nurses…
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Nursing in Partnership with Faith Based Parish Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that faith based communities consider health a vital ingredient in the continuity of their faith. Therefore, healthy human beings must reconsider their concentration on their faith and other activities that strengthen their faith. In most cases, the faith based communities consider providing better health care facilities to the people that would wish to join their faith. The core reason of this approach is to ensure the believers are not distracted from their activities. Healthy people are more likely to be focused on their faith at all times, which strengthens the community as their faith is not jeopardized. For instance, a healthy person will not feel any ailments. However, an ailing person will not have the mindset of holding on to his/her faith constantly. This reduces the commitment of the believers in their faith. Under such circumstances, providing healing is the appropriate approach. The heritage of health and healing in the faith based communities is instigated to provide care for the underprivileged. There are some people in the world that are underprivileged and do not have avenues of attaining better health. Since their faith and beliefs state that they should help the underprivileged, they have an obligation to do so. In many instances, faith based communities will find better ways of helping the underprivileged in the society at all costs. This is an approach that strengthens both their faith and activities in helping the society. Apparently, many faith based communities consider this their obligation as stated by their faith....
Nursing is a profession that requires amassed human resources. Therefore, a larger number of professionals working in the sector will have a positive impact on the provision of the services (Solari-Twadell and McDermott, 2006). In essence, for many professionals working for a universal goal, this will be a prudent approach in giving high quality services. In the recent past, the nursing profession has been facing several challenges which include a limited number of professionals. This has adversely affected service provision in the nursing profession as they are unable to serve all the people that need their services. This has been a looming drawback to the nursing profession as they are not able to provide adequate health care services. To rectify such a situation, the faith based communities prefer to help by partnering with community nurses. This creates a scenario where the people offering the services are in large numbers. As such, the nursing sector has a large number of people that offer services to people that need them. The quality of services is improved when community nurses partner with parish nurses. The parish nurses are guided with their faith and beliefs in the profession. With such, the people that need the services are treated with the best care and health services. This is a benefit to the society as it gets the best care and health services. Partnership between community nurses and parish nurses helps in reducing the instances of stigmatization. This is especially helpful to the underprivileged people of the society. In any society, there are some people that can afford paying for the services they need. On the other hand, some people do not have this opportunity and can hardly pay for medical services. As such, they will forego some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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