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Nurse Community Building - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: NURSE COMMUNITY BUILDING Introduction Community health nursing requires that nurses should provide noteworthy services to the community. Nursing is a profession that entails sacrifice and good service delivery. For this reason, nurses are expected to interact well with patients and with their peers so that they are able to bring change in the community…
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Nurse Community Building
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Extract of sample "Nurse Community Building"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, I will describe the following traits of an effective nursing community; cultural awareness, able and noteworthy leadership skills, sense of community, cultural aptitude, partnership and practice integration. In order to develop a successful nursing organization, it is necessary to apply these principles. A great sense of cultural awareness Any organization needs to have a sense of cultural awareness. A nurse needs to demonstrate cultural understanding that aids them to practice better healthcare and develop a stable public health policy. Awareness will help nurses in the community acknowledge that external factors like language barriers and inaccessibility of services and resources will often attract a negative history. By understanding a community’s culture and the barriers to service delivery, public nurses understand how to face these challenges and strive to better their cultural competence with the community (Caroline p 65). Able Leadership Able and noteworthy leadership is a characteristic of a strong nursing community. Able leadership enables nurses take up responsibilities and enables them to guide the community effectively. They are the proponents of health equitability and the social justice in the community. ...
This strength ensures that the resources within a community are involved in helping the community strive towards humanizing the eminence of the health care conditions. For this reason, there should be an aspect of community in a nursing organization. Nursing in the community ensures that the community has the capacity to resolve problems, and properly utilizes its resources to enhance proper health management and health safety. Community health actions motivate community members by their actions of self-determination, and their understanding of the local needs and cultural aspects that link individuals with the business community. The nurses, thus, play a crucial role in guaranteeing that communal health is available in individuals in the community and in empowering the community to erect a burly affiliation in the society that will cater for the needs of the health care system. The health nurses primarily improve the health of the families and outfit for the needs of the public by responding to outbreaks of illness and the emergence of health risks. Nurses recognize that strong partnerships determine better health and collaboration of both the public and the private sector is important in ensuring that noteworthy healthcare is provided to all. In order to improve these partnerships, the nursing community involves using systematic approaches that strengthen the bond between them and the community (Donna et al p 50). This approach significantly reduces the cost of social and personal health program and strengthens the community. The systematic approaches that the nursing community adapts are: Assessing and monitoring the health care requirement of all members of the community who are likely to benefit from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurse Community Building Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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