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Nurses as Entrepreneurs Name Institution Nurses as Entrepreneurs The growing demand for healthcare services has exposed the nursing profession into advancing entrepreneurship skills. Nurse entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for the individual nurses to exploit their talents…
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Nurses as Entrepreneurs
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Download file to see previous pages Largely, the practices enable the nurses to intervene for patients as caregivers. Various faculties in nursing prepare nurses for the entrepreneurship projects for example community health, mental health among others. Ideally, the opportunity that the nurses have does not only help them to utilize their potential but also promote assistance to the community. Benefits of Nurse as Entrepreneur The nursing business does not necessarily need to take place in an office or room. Nurses are able to make mobile community visits where there are able to conduct their services. Studies show that nurse entrepreneurs conduct their activities using electronic terminal (Fero, 2010). In addition, a nurse may have a small office where patients can report to or place their request for services. Instituting a nursing business enables a nurse to increase her or his visibility, direct their creativity in providing services to the society. Ideally, challenges in the business would expose the nurse thereby influencing his or her approach in the profession. The adventures is rewarding because it does not constraint the nurse to achieve a given job target. However, it makes the nurse to work at her own convenience. The nurses who operate their activities as entrepreneurs show credible work because they have to demonstrate high standard of service delivery. Failure to supply the same would lead to low profits. The entrepreneurial skills required in the business are similar to the ones in other business activities (Fero, 2010). For examples, nurse entrepreneurs must demonstrate the following attributes in order to be successful excellent interpersonal skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking, and credibility. Nurse as an entrepreneur has numerous rewards ranging from financial benefits to professional benefits. Many nurses who opt to practices as entrepreneurs demonstrate satisfaction to the services and the duties they conduct. Barriers Entry into the nursing business may poses challenges to nurses. Some of the barriers identified in nursing entrepreneurship include lack of skills to operate successful as an entrepreneur nurse. Knowledge is critical in defining the model of the business. While nurses attend professional training, business skill is not the central subject they do learn. Thus, the success of the business would depend on the business skills that the nurse has acquired from other forms of training. Critical evaluation and administration of the business skills is vital to the future of the success of any given business. Some nurses are unable to acquire the privileges they receive while practicing in hospitals. Since the duty depends with the work input of the nurse, it means that failure to input enough effort would lead to business failure. Studies shows that requirements such as malpractice insurance cover, statutory requirements and start up cost may hinder the efforts of nurses that wish to start their own business (Fitzpatrick & Ea, 2011). Largely, any business model has requirements, which influence the entry behavior. The government requirement or a restriction is another factor that influences nurse entrepreneur. While financial capability of the individual willing to institute the business would be instrumental in its growth, the outcome or the service trend of the business will also influence the number of client that the business is likely to receive (Fitzpatrick & Ea, 2011). For instance, the government evaluates and offer license for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurses As Entrepreneurs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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