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Afghanistan:high women and child mortality - Term Paper Example

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Afghanistan is a country that has been marred by political instability for over three decades, and this has hugely affected the country in various aspects.The population has been adversely affected by the political instability …
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Afghanistan:high women and child mortality
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Download file to see previous pages First, according to recent statistics, it is stated that close to 70% of the population is illiterate (UNICEF, 2005). This shows that only a small percentage of the country is learned leaving only a few able to handle the challenging task of alleviating the country from the myriad of challenges. This has further affected the development of the country as the population is not productive. Similarly, it is stated that close to 40% of the population lives way below the internationally acceptable poverty line. In subsequent rankings, Afghanistan hit news headlines as the third most corrupt country in the world. This has increased people’s focus on the country to monitor the situation. Location/Geography Afghanistan is one of the few landlocked countries in the world. It is a sovereign state that forms part of central and south Asia (World Health Organization, 2009). Apparently, the state also forms part of western Asia since it occupies a large area. The country borders Iran on the western side, Pakistan is on the east and south while Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are on the north. It is also a neighbor to china in the vast northwestern side. Population Afghanistan is a country that covers a large area of land, which is approximated to 647, 500 square kilometers. According to statistics, it is stated that the country is ranked as the 41st nation with a large area. In the recent census, the country recorded over 30 million inhabitants. With such a population, the country is considered the 42nd country with the largest population. The population has been recorded to double since the census that was conducted in 1979. In this particular year, the population of the country was recorded at 15.5 million people. Government Afghanistan is considered an Islamic country that is run by a government. The government consists of three arms which have their delegated duties. These include the executive, legislature and judiciary. The judiciary has the obligation of implementing the laws of the country while the legislature has the obligation of stating the laws that will govern the country. On the other hand, the executive is obligated to govern the country in vital aspects which include economy. Economy The economy of Afghanistan has been recorded as the most impoverished among other poor countries (UNICEF, 2005). The country struggles to provide vital services to the population which is also living in absurd standards. In the recent statistics, the country was recorded to have a GDP of close to $ 29 billion. This is a minute amount of GDP especially when comparing it with the population of the country. As a matter of fact, the country has an external debt of over $ 1.5 billion. To make the situation worse, over 35% of the population is unemployed. Since the country is in abject harsh economic times, it struggles to sustain itself by relying on assistance from the external community and other humanitarian bodies. The economy of the country has been improving at a slow rate, which is as a result of assistance from international aid. This has had several improvements in the country which includes the transport system and health care (World Health Organization, 2009). A particular aspect that dwindles the efforts of the country is bribery. According to reports in the country, it is stated that corruption and bribery is accountable for over 20% of the GDP of the country. Therefore, reduction of this vice would improve the GDP of the country to a greater deal. State of Health (Diseases/Violence/Accidents) Though the state of heath in Afghanistan is still in atrocious state when compared to developed countries, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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