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The Public Health Infrastructure, and the Status of World - Essay Example

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Inadequate development in Afghanistan has lead to poverty resulting from excess consumption, together with an expanding population (Bowley, 2012). This has caused harsh environmental health issues in Afghanistan and some other…
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The Public Health Infrastructure, and the Status of World
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Download file to see previous pages Discussed below is an agenda that Afghanistan can apply to improve the health situation. The various applicable programs in Afghanistan are; Meeting basic health care wants, mainly in rural regions, putting up primary health infrastructures, planning and monitoring, endorsing research and methodology progress, control of contagious diseases, national free health systems, protecting defenseless groups, meeting the town health problem, decreasing health risks from ecological effluence and hazards, and meeting basic health care wants, mainly in rural regions
The Afghanistan government should aim towards food security, with priority sited on the eradication of food contagion; inclusive and sustainable water plans to ensure secure drinking water and cleanliness to prevent both chemical and microbial pollution, and endorsement of health teaching, vaccination and provision of vital medicine (Wright, 2009). Education and proper services concerning responsible setting up of family size, with value for religious, cultural, and social ways, in keeping with liberty, self-esteem and personal principles, and taking into consideration cultural and ethical considerations, also add to these activities.
The Afghanistan Government and the local system, with the endorsement of pertinent non-governmental organizations, as well as worldwide organizations, in the luminosity of countries precise conditions and wants, should reinforce their health area programs, with particular attention to achieving the following.
(i) Establish and strengthen basic health care systems that are realistic, community-based, logically sound, socially suitable and appropriate to their wants and that meet vital health needs for safe food, clean water, and sanitation
(ii) Endorse the application and strengthening of methods that develop harmonization between health and related segments at all suitable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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