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Chronic Schizophrenia with Co-Morbidity as Large Bowel Obstruction - Essay Example

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Co-morbidity refers to a situation in which a patient is diagnosed with two or more medical conditions. That is, these conditions are suspected or diagnosed after the initial diagnosis has been done…
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Chronic Schizophrenia with Co-Morbidity as Large Bowel Obstruction
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Thus, collectively, co-morbid conditions affect a patient’s life, implying that both conditions should be cared for in equal measure according to their seriousness. The care in this sense goes beyond the conventional medical models of investigating diseases; rather more emphasis is laid on promoting patient health and wellness. The health care needs arising due to co-morbidity make it imperative that nurses play their roles and undertake their responsibilities to meet and exceed client expectations. In the recent past, a lot of studies have been conducted to examine single co-morbidities with schizophrenia. Notably, most of these studies have been done on small and unrepresentative samples. In other words, many of these studies have failed to take a broader approach to the subject of the schizophrenia with single co-morbidities, instead focusing on the testing of hypotheses. Nonetheless, there are a few cases of studies, which have explored thousands of discharge records from hospitals to ascertain the proportional morbidity ratios. Although many studies show that approximately 45% of co-morbidity is accounted for by behavior-related and psychiatric diagnoses. Studies also reveal that those diagnosed with schizophrenia and those with similar diagnosis in their families report that other diagnoses precede or follow schizophrenia diagnosis. Besides psychiatric conditions, schizophrenia patients are also reportedly being diagnoses with conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular conditions, type 2 diabetes, essential hypertension, chronic airway obstruction, hyper alimentation disorders, asthma, and acquired hypothyroidism. Researchers have noted that these conditions could actually be occurring at a greater rate in schizophrenia patients than they are found. Thus, endemic under-diagnosis is cited as the reason these co-morbidities are not detected. Second, schizophrenia patients also tend to receive low standards of medical care, resulting in the under estimation of their conditions and the treatment to accompany. This paper explores the concept of co-morbidity/complexity with reference to chronic schizophrenia co-morbidity with large bowel obstruction. In addition, the paper explores the role of the nurse when working with such as patient and their family in the community, considering. In particular, the paper outlines the health care needs for both chronic schizophrenia and large bowel obstruction for patients as well as their families and the immediate community. The possible nursing interventions with specific focus on person-centered approaches, client education, and empowerment are also explored in the paper. Chronic Schizophrenia with Large Bowel obstruction Co-Morbidity Many authors and researchers continue to research the subject of schizophrenia co-morbidities with psychiatric and non-psychiatric condition, seeking to determine whether it is spontaneous that psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia are co-morbid with non-psychiatric medical conditions such as large bowel obstruction or diabetes. The other issue that researchers seek to address is whether lifestyle, behavioral factors are associated with chronic schizophrenia and whether there exists a biological connection between schizophrenia and non-psychiatric conditions such as large bowel obstruction. Importantly, the public health ramifications for the treatment of both chronic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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