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The Philippino culture group. Identify cultural communication patterns, temporal relationships, family role/organizati - Research Paper Example


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The Philippino culture group. Identify cultural communication patterns, temporal relationships, family role/organizati

They share quite relaxed temporal relationships as they have higher amount of regards for previous relationships and less regards for people of authority (Purnell, 2008, p.180). They tend to have a positive attitude towards future relationships and hope that the future will bring something that will benefit them and their society. In the Filipino culture, the father is seen as the head of the family who makes rules that govern their female better halves and the mother ensures that these rules are followed by their children (filipino-heritage.com, 2013). She is the one who has the responsibility of educating children and she manages the finances of the house while the father earns for the household. They tend to live in extended families with their grandparents living within them and ample amount of importance is given to their respect and opinion. Filipinos eating lifestyle mainly comprises of a staple diet of rice and they tend to eat three times a day along with snacks in between (filipino-heritage.com, 2013). They obtain their proteins from diet comprising of marine life and they have a special side for sweet food. For years, this culture prefers barong tagalong as their formal wear for the male gender. They still prefer wearing conservative clothes as informal dressing code and skimpy clothes are thought of as taboo in their society and they find maong shirts as well as pants as quite comfortable (filipino-heritage.com, 2013). The Filipinos share different believes regarding skin color,

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those who have dark skin color are perceived as belonging to poor families, while those who have lighter skin experience a risk of lower connection in the context of ethnicity and those who have darker skins are even seen to have less cognitive issues while those who have lighter skin are considered as people coming from wealthy background (Kiang, 2009). Emphasis on last name even shows discrimination on the basis of class. The physical self of Filipinos is based on the people who migrated to the region. Major portion of the Filipinos have eyes that are shaped like almonds and certain amount of the population has single and certain as double eyelids. Major portion of the population share oval shaped face and others have square shaped faces along with jaws that are quite prominent and some even have chins that are pointy and have quite prominent cheek bones. The main diet for this culture includes heavy amount of grains as well as meat, fish and, vegetables and rice and they are heavy consumers of noodles and their eating habits are quite similar to the eating habits of Chinese culture as well as Indian culture due to heavy amount of immigrants from these regions (Kiang, 2009). Today they have even incorporated American style food in their daily routines such as fast food including burgers from McDonalds. In their culture, when a female becomes pregnant, special attention and care is provided to her as she is considered quite fragile and a women has to wait until after marriage to have any child and they tend to have huge number children’s and manage huge families. Huge families are a result of followership of catholic believes including no use of contraceptives (Kiang, 2009). They give great importance to their religious believes that even restrict them from having child


Filipinos Culture Group Different cultural groups act, behave, and communicate in different manner. One of the most recognized cultural groups are the Filipinos who give great importance to interpersonal relationships and thus in order to get connected with them, it is essential that an individual is introduced to them by a third party (PABC, 2013)…
Research the Philippino culture group. Identify cultural communication patterns, temporal relationships, family role/organizati
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