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Discipline of Nursing 4: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice - Assignment Example

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Discipline of Nursing 4: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice Executive Summary Mr. Michel Sutherland died due to misdiagnosis and mistreatment in Bega Hospital. Mr. Sutherland was admitted to Bega Hospital where without proper investigation and analysis of medical presentation he was diagnosed to be suffering from constipation…
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Discipline of Nursing 4: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
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Download file to see previous pages All these hesitation and negligence of the medical practitioners and nurse led to the death of Mr. Sutherland. Clinical governance in Australia are adopted as well as implemented by medical institutions in order to ensure that safe as well as quality services are offered prudently to patients. Furthermore, medical practitioners, nurses and staff should ensure that they update their medical practices on the basis of ‘Evidence-based practice’ (EBP). Introduction The case is related to the incident of Michael Sutherland’s death on 3rd March, 2006. Mr. Sutherland was admitted in the emergency department of a clinical facility named Bega Hospital. He was discharged from the hospital on 2nd March, 2006 without proper diagnosis which led to his death. The incident took place in Southern New South Wales, Australia. It was observed that Mr. Sutherland was suffering from pain in the lower abdomen. Moreover, Mr. Sutherland was also experiencing from faecal peritonitis but was discharged without diagnosis (NSW Government, 2011). In this respect, the clinical facilities of Australia are required to offer clinical or medical services in accordance with the standards and principles of clinical governance laid by the government of Australia. Clinical governance lays standards and programs on the basis of which healthcare services can be improved. Clinical governance offers framework which assists healthcare facilities to adopt programs and principles in order to improve healthcare service quality towards the achievement of better patient care. The primary purpose of the clinical governance is to provide improved care and medical services to patients in better clinical environment (Balding, 2008). Discussion Deviation from Best Practice Clinical governance standards and principles are implemented in the healthcare facilities with the objective of improving the healthcare quality services and clinical environment for better care of patients. Additionally, clinical facilities adopt ‘Evidence-based practice’ (EBP) with the aim of offering healthcare medication and services in accordance with current practices. According to the inquest case Mr. Sutherland was admitted at Bega Hospital for severe pain in the lower abdomen but was not properly treated which eventually led to his death. There are many root causes which led to the death incident of Mr. Sutherland. The primary root cause for his death can be attributed to misdiagnosis of his medical condition. Mr. Sutherland who was suffering from immense pain was not offered with any pain relief medication which worsens his condition. The nurses of the Bega Hospital were not allowed to offer pain relief medication without the consent of doctors. Correspondingly, it can be argued that nurses are required to practice adequate EBP in nursing so that effective medical services are offered to patients during emergency situation. Sadly, nurses in Bega Hospital were seldom engaged in such practices. The Hospital is also seemed to lack CT scanning facilities. A private healthcare facility in Bega has CT scanner but, no arrangements were made to shift Mr. Sutherland for CT scanning in the private facility. Regrettably, a supine abdominal or chest x-ray was also not taken which resulted in misdiagnosis of his medical condition. . The treatment and medication was misled due to the negligence of Dr. Dorothea Bonney towards acquiring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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