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Confidentiality: Ethical and Law in Nursing Practice Name Institution Confidentiality: Ethical and Law in Nursing Practice Introduction Nursing as health practice has become a vital practice especially in regards to vital life concerning issues. Nurses are expected to make such profound decisions in their everyday lives; therefore, they must consider laws and ethical standards towards reaching to their decisions since their decisions concerns the lives of other persons…
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See details for specifications
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Download file to see previous pages On the same note of laws, ethical issues, and nursing practice and decision making, this essay aims at comparing three articles within which these issues are addressed especially how legal and ethical factors usually affect clinical nursing practices and the consideration that nurses must consider in making decision within their practice. Article 1: Confidentiality, Secrecy, and Privacy in Ethics Consultation Gerald Neitzke (2007) conducted a research on Confidentiality, secrecy, and privacy in ethics consultation. According to Neitzke, confidentiality is likely to pose problems especially to counselors and he noted that these challenges are can be in two different ways including the uncertainty on the actual extent of the optimum practice and the problem in implementing the ethical practice within a nursing practice. Nonetheless, Neitzke noted in his article that the British association for the counseling had once published some codes of ethics to help counselors to resolve the dilemma. Additionally, Neitzke acknowledged that these counselors are sometimes challenged with the law as they undertake their duties (Neitzke, 2007). It should be noted that law and ethical values can only be breached in this situation if the client or patient feels that their confidentially have been interfered with without their consent. Therefore, Neitzke noted that if such dilemmas have to be minimized or eradicated, it is then vital for the medical practitioners in this case the counselors to seek permission to breach the confidentiality of their patients. Neitzke discussed three ways through which breaking of confidentiality is permissible and they include the counselor seeking the consent of the patient or client to break their confidentiality. Additionally, the counselor can break the confidentiality of the patient if such information regarded confidential are already in the public domain. Finally, a nurse which in this case if a counselor, may be at liberty to break person confidentiality if the public interest in the protection of such information outweighs personal interest in the disclosure or use of such information. It should be noted that if counselors are obliged legally to break personal confidentiality, they will be protected the law for such break (Neitzke, 2007). In the cotemporary world, keeping confidential information about client is usually vital for counselor especially for maintaining perfect relationship with clients and or maintaining their practice. Therefore, these professionals must only breach the confidentiality law in situations demanded by law; otherwise, they will lose trust from their clients; thus, interfering with their business and practice. In some cases, they may be taken to court to answer to their unethical and unprofessional behaviors. Hence, despite the fact that the law may give the nurse or the counselor in Neitzke’s case the right or protection to provide some private information about their clients, they must only do so without exterior motives or in a manner to harm their clients (Neitzke, 2007). Regardless, of the window that confidentiality in nursing and counseling practice can be breached ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See Details for Specifications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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