DEMENTIA/MEMORY What skills could be implemented to provide person centred evidence based care for Myra. Your answer should ref - Essay Example

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Forgetting or loss of memory is a situation that affects people globally in various ways. In fact, most of the times are when people forget things but come to remember them later…
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DEMENTIA/MEMORY What skills could be implemented to provide person centred evidence based care for Myra. Your answer should ref
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Extract of sample "DEMENTIA/MEMORY What skills could be implemented to provide person centred evidence based care for Myra. Your answer should ref"

Download file to see previous pages In relation to this, Alzheimer’s is exceptionally challenging to diagnose (Prasher 2005). Essentially, most physicians or doctors engage the patient in various verbal tests, physical, with the inclusion of other medical tests such as urine and blood test. Extreme cases compel the doctor to take the patient through a brain scan to establish the nature of the disease. Additionally, there is more examination for issues such as brain diseases like stroke and brain tumours, excessive use of drugs or alcohol, lack of particular vitamins or supplements, head injuries or any other body ailments (Sabbagh and Martin 2010). Of most importance to note is that, Dementia is not a disease or illnesses, but a term that is used to explain symptoms that consist of repetition of things, problem in language, getting lost in familiar places, mood swings, pay no attention to personal safety among other symptoms (Biernacki 2007). Thus, these odd behaviours became ‘dementia’ and require the attention of the doctor. ...
Causes of Alzheimer’s Although most of the people associate this condition to age, it is clear that Alzheimer’s could affect young people especially when it begins with slowly damaging the brain cells from an early state in the life of human beings, and are discovered later in life when they are of age (Sabbagh and Martin 2010). According to the case study, it is evident that Myra has been an active professional veterinarian in the previous years of her life, very passionate about animals that they reared with her late husband. Consequently, there were no signs of dementia until now when she has began forgetting things and experiencing periods of lucidity and confusion followed by extreme distress. Biernacki 2007 argues that Alzheimer’s is a condition that is expected to emerge in three ways; Sporadic or late stage Alzheimer’s, early stage Alzheimer’s and familial Alzheimer’s. In early Alzheimer’s, patients are mostly below the age of 65 years. Essentially, it develops around the age of 30 – 50 years where the patient has abnormal behavior particularly in giving judgement, has depression or periodical withdrawals disturbances, timely and special disorientation, as well as, personal changes. In familial Alzheimer’s stage, the patient’s memory worsens, he or she has slowed speech and understanding, easily irritated by situations and hyperorality. Besides, the last Alzheimer’s stage is when the patient suffers from rigidity, decreased appetite and dysphasia, incontinence of urine and faeces, communication becomes impaired and exceedingly impaired cognition among other symptoms (Barrack 2012). In regard to the case study, it is apparent that Myra is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s. Basically, being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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