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Nursing Name: Institution: Communication is an essential component for the successful execution of any organization’s operations. Effective communication in an organization ensures there is a smooth flow of information through the chain of command, which guarantees that every member of the team competently performs his or her delegated duties and responsibilities…
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Three questions
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Download file to see previous pages A research was conducted, on managerial communication in hospital nursing, to identify obstacles and strategies to overcome these barriers. The research study involved the use of a qualitative approach that used 19 nurses from a university hospital. Semi-structured and vignette interviews were used as a mode of collecting data, and thematic analysis was employed as the technique of data analysis (dos Santos et al, 2012). The results garnered from the analysis of the participant nurses’ response to the interview questions provided interesting indicators. The results illustrated that there was fragmentation of work processes, work team involvement, work shifts and resistance to change (dos Santos et al, 2012). To counter these difficulties and challenges, training programs and workshops were held, which were meant to impart the basic and necessary communication skills essential to successful nursing practice. The training covered aspects such as formalization of conduct, communication and optimization of communication (Dos Santos et al. 2012). The results were able to illustrate the importance of effective communication in the execution of nursing duties. This is because communication affects the way that change is executed; this is in the sense that effective communication makes it easier for people to accept change. ...
A negative attitude will negate their efforts in a manner that will diminish their ability or efforts in carrying out their duties. Attitude determines whether an individual is motivated or not towards their job or other responsibilities they are tasked with executing. In a work situation, the motivational levels of employees towards their work are a significant factor that should be considered by those heading human resource departments (HR) (Oldham & Hackman, 2010). This is because employees are highly motivated to improve operations in the workplace that results into better production of goods and services. HR managers should ensure that the job description of any task, which employees are delegated to, has an element (s) that serves to boost their morale, which translates to a positive attitude in the employee towards their work detail. When employees are given jobs that they deem demeaning or oppressive to them, they develop a negative attitude towards their job. This limits their performance, which usually manifests in the quality of the work done at the end of the day (Oldham & Hackman, 2010). To ensure that employees are satisfied with the type of work they are delegated, HR managers should adopt mechanisms of involving their employees in job design and implementation. This gives employee the chance to influence and have a say in matters that affect them directly. Involving employees in job design and implementation helps a firm achieve enhanced employee harmony, satisfaction, loyalty and the overall increase in productivity (Oldham & Hackman, 2010). Maslow’s theory states that humans are driven by their needs that predispose them to self-actualization that motivates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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