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Review of the Literature - Essay Example

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Review of Literature Name: Institution: Review of Literature Fairweather & Rogerson (2001) define health information management as the practice of caring and maintaining health records through electronic and conventional (paper-based) methods. Health information management is most notable in health departments, hospitals, health insurance companies, physicians’ office clinics and other facilities, which offer health care or health record maintenance…
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Review of the Literature
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will provide a concise review of recent literature on the topic of health information management as it concerns the nursing profession. According to Stansfield (2005) professionals dealing with health information management take charge of planning information systems, developing health policy and recognizing present and future information needs. These professionals also apply the science of informatics to all processes of collection, storage, utilization and transmission of information. The management of health information aims at meeting the professional, administrative, legal and ethical records-keeping demands of health care delivery (Stearns, 2000). In the management of health records, nursing professionals typically work with demographic, reference, epidemiological, clinical and financial coded health care information. Civan, Skeels, Stolyar, & Pratt (2006) suggest that the proper collection, use and management of information in health care systems determine the overall effectiveness of health care systems. ...
As the field of health information management continues to grow and information technology plays a key function in the medical world, health information management experiences a transition from conventional managing practices with paper to efficient electronic management, for instance, Electronic Health Records (EHRs). However, the primary goal is still to assess, manage and use information essential to patient care and ensure that health care providers can access the information when needed (Fairweather & Rogerson, 2001). Electronic health records have been constantly articulated as the evolvement of health record-keeping. Since it is electronic in nature, this means of record keeping has not only been debated but also supported in the public realm and the health care professional community. As of the year 2008, at least 5 percent of chief information officers surveyed affirmed that they desired ambulatory electronic health records so as to have valuable health information records available to move through each stage of health care. Managers in charge of health information are responsible for the protection of patients’ privacy. They are also tasked with training their employees in proper usage and handling of confidential information entrusted to all health professionals, including nurses and doctors. Following the rise of the importance of technology in health care, health information managers are required to remain extremely competent with regard to the use of information databases, which generate vital reports for nurses, physicians and administrators (Stansfield, 2005). According to Civan, Skeels, Stolyar & Pratt (2006) the availability of the right information at the proper time is vital for health care quality and safety. This is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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