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Learners and Learning - Book Report/Review Example

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STUDY ASSESSED: Classroom Conditions to secure enjoyment and achievement: the pupils voice: listening to the voice of every child matters. (Elizabeth A. Hopkins) Education 3-13 Vol. 36 No 4, November 2008, 393-401.
Introduction: The researcher of the study was able to indicate the fact that students around the world are directly affected by the environment of the classroom as they accept the lessons presented to them by their mentors every day…
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Learners and Learning
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Extract of sample "Learners and Learning"

Download file to see previous pages The presentation is good and direct to the point. It was creatively and informatively given focus by the researchers.
Review of Literature: The review of the literature section had been given fine focus thus resulted to the proper implication of the collected journals within the entirety of the study. With the review of the literature presented by the researchers, it could be observed that the study as introduced has appeared to be much clarified through the journals that had been collected and deciphered through this section of the study. Since the researcher used limited journals, the research appeared to be much applicable and clarified making the whole study concise and straight to the point.
Methodology: Through experimentation and intervention approach, the researchers were able to see how much learning is actually perceived differently by the instructors and the students the like. Through this particular observation, they were able to notice the fact that students become interested in the lessons when they are being involved in the whole discussion. The experiment was rather successful making the whole process of research rather competent in handling the issue concerned. The research was based on observation and assessment. It could then be observed that at some point, direct survey and interview on the situation of the students and their reactions on the approaches used by their teachers in presenting to them the curriculum they are supposed to learn could have helped in making the whole method even more effective and applicable in meeting the needs of the topic being discussed in the study.
Discussion: The researcher was able to create a considerable notion from the different results of the experimentation thus allowing a clarified understanding of the situation making a great impact on the development that the research would want to imply on the existing teaching system within the education approach used in the society at present. Through the discussions that had been presented by the researchers, the implications of the matter had been much clarified thus saying that through the considerable involvement of students in the subject presentations or lesson handling of the instructors in school, learning would be most applicable and effective for the stakeholders of the system.
True, everyone wants to learn, but not all actually have the capability of staying within the track as they immediately loose personal discipline within the process of educating themselves. Why is this so The different influential elements in the society may hinder several individuals in actually concentrating in their lessons in school or even in practical matters. This is the reason why personal discipline among individuals is an important part of the process of learning. Most of the time, this aspect, although it is the most important, receives lesser attention from the students making it necessary for educators to actually be bale to motivate students in recognizing discipline as an important part of their education.
Educators, as the main managers of the classroom setting actually implies the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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