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This paper appraises the qualitative research paper entitled “An ethnography: understanding emergency nursing practice belief systems”. The assessment of the data provided in the research will be done to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the study as a whole…
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An Ethnography: Understanding Emergency Nursing Practice Belief Systems
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Download file to see previous pages  In that case, the paper is considered as effective in conveying its trustworthiness but inferences can only be made on the same context and not on the general phenomenon.  Critical appraisal is a process that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a scholarly article. It mainly concerns the evaluation of the design of the study, and methods used and assessed the validity of the study to the stakeholders and the industry it concerns. This evaluation procedure was done to provide evidenced-based decision making (Young & Solomon, 2009). There are several types of research the most common of which are the quantitative and qualitative researches. ...
Contradictory to what it was believed to be, qualitative research provides rich information and evidenced-based decision-making approach to a certain problem/issue more important in the healthcare industry (Goodson & Vassar, 2011). Given the above introduction, this paper will try to critically appraise the qualitative research paper entitled “An ethnography: understanding emergency nursing practice belief systems”. The assessment of the data provided in the research will be done to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the study as a whole, develop a better understanding of the research design and methodologies Research Report Title An ethnography: the Understanding emergency nursing practice belief system. Sampling & Recruitment The sampling technique used in the study is ethnographic sampling. This method is considered as a grounded science in which the sample size varies depending on the nature of the study, however, it was indicated in the study that qualitative research must at least have 15 respondents to be considered acceptable (Mason, 2010). In the research in question, the sampling technique used was not adequately described, however, the sample population was duly characterized as good informants, generally experienced and confident and have the willingness to discuss the experience. The setting of the study was also well defined and that provided for one of the methods on which the participants are selected. The authors also provided the full description on how they were able to gain access to the site and recruit their participants such that they had obtained the ethical approval from the University of Sydney, Ethics Research Committee and ask for verbal consents of the patients interacting with the Triage nurses. By these, it can be inferred that the design used in the study was appropriate such that it refers to the beliefs and social patterns of the group which is the main purpose of the study (Lets et al.). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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