Discuss the health problems and health service issues associated with homelessness - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Title: An Analysis Upon the Connection Between Homelessness and Health Although a great many sociological issues require expansive definitions and an interpretation of a variety of different theories in order to come to grips with what specific on upon its they portend, the definition of homelessness is one of the simplest and most profound that is likely to exist…
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Discuss the health problems and health service issues associated with homelessness
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Download file to see previous pages As a means of understanding homelessness to a more full and complete extent, the analyst invariably comes to the realization that this social reality has a direct impact upon the level of health and overall longevity of the individuals that are forced to integrate with it. In such a way, homelessness has a profound impact upon society and health systems of the society due to the fact that the homeless individuals are oftentimes prone to a great number of both physical and emotional hardships that the general population is not. In such a way, this brief analysis will seek to discuss the spectrum of housing need, the reality of the fact that homeless groups are necessarily hard-to-reach and underrepresented within healthcare research and availability, the fact that the homeless cannot and should not be understood as a homogenous group, the impact and reality of the public health issues that homelessness necessarily portends, a discussion of some of the most common health problems that are associated with this group, the nonlinear determination that health has upon the homeless, the lack of understanding and appreciation for homelessness within the medical community (and the research community that is a part of it), the means by which homelessness necessarily reorients the individuals priorities to place a low emphasis upon health and well-being, and the painful and ultimately harmful level that social stigmas attached homelessness necessarily denote. One of the key compliments of homelessness within the current dynamic is necessarily with regards to the ever-increasing population and reduced levels of housing that are available around the globe. Due to the economic downturn, developers and governmental housing projects have necessarily all but ground to a standstill (Seiler & Moss, 2012). What this has created is a situation in which an ever-increasing demand for housing is not being met due to the fact that individuals within the current economy neither have the means more the wherewithal to seek out and purchase, or indeed continue to pay mortgages, on homes and properties that they would otherwise use for themselves and for their families. Although homelessness has traditionally been understood as a problem affecting only the very lowest class within a society, the events of the past several years have highlighted and underscored the fact that homelessness can affect each and every individual within the system to a profound degree. From a societal interpretation of this particular drawback, it is the onus of governmental and state entities to ensure that the supply and demand for housing are being met in an equitable manner (Hwang et al, 2010). Though increased levels of government control with regards to the real estate industry is not something that many individuals within society would necessarily want to take place, the reality of the fact is that the current dynamic of economics take nation necessarily demands action on the part of these local, state and federal entities to ensure that the hemorrhaging problems associated with homelessness are ameliorated in the best means possible. Taking the issue closer to the topic of health and the means by which society integrates with an understanding of homelessness, the reader/analyst should understand that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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