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BIOETHICS :Reflexion on movie Awakening 1 page, personal value 6 pages - Assignment Example

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How Various Aspects Have Shaped My Personal Values May 29th, 2013 Personal Values Values are meaningful and important to an individual due to the vital role they play in a person’s life. Each person has their own set of values, which they embrace, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and these vary among various individuals…
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BIOETHICS :Reflexion on movie Awakening 1 page, personal value 6 pages
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, they determine the kind of behavior a person will exhibit, and serve as guidance to an individual throughout their life. Values are important to individuals, as they act as a reflection of a person’s moral standards in society. The world comprises different types of people and cultures, and no person can live independently of others. Similarly, the values a person acquires will have a considerable impact on the people around them, whether directly or indirectly. I believe that high moral standards will have a positive impact in society, while low moral standards will have negative effects. My personal value system comprises different core values, which I uphold because of the benefits they have on me, my family, the other people around me, and the society as a whole. First, I highly uphold the value of respect. When I was still growing up, my parents taught my siblings and me the importance of respect. At an early age, I learned the value of respect for the elderly people. Therefore, I respect other people and myself too. I acknowledge other people; I listen to them and their opinions, and treat them the way I would also like to be treated. Secondly, I highly value hard work. I also learned this from my parents, who emphasized the importance of hard work. I observed and imitated them, thus letting them serve as my role models, as they worked hard to ensure that my siblings and I pursued our education. Therefore, I have grown up with a high regard for hard work. My life is characterized by moments of diligent work. I work hard in all areas of life, including my education. Religious Values The presence or absence of religion and faith influences an individual’s values system. With regard to religion, I am a Christian and believe in the Christian values. My Christian background has laid a strong foundation for my values. In Christianity, it is believed that values are Godly; therefore, it is important to uphold values in life. Since the time while I was in high school, Christianity has influenced and shaped my value system to a great length. As a Christian, I believe and accept all the concepts of the Christian ideology and do not differ on even one. This is because of the conviction that I have in the existence of a supernatural being. In addition, my relationship with God has helped me to come up with appropriate decisions whenever I am faced with spiritual choices, thus proving my convictions. Nonetheless, the Christian values, which I highly regard, include love, kindness, caring, and patience. All these are based on Christian teachings, whose teachings learned a long time ago. Cultural Values Culture of an individual plays a dominant role in determining and shaping their values. I believe that in my case, culture played a role in my early years. I grew up and studied in Taiwan before moving to the United States for my higher education. In Taiwan, I was raised in my family, and as a matter of fact, the family is an important unit of any culture. Therefore, having been raised in a family, I grew up with the notion that a family is an integral unit in society. Nonetheless, today, I respect and value the family unit, as it is my family who socialized me in the culture I was born. Through my mother, I also learned the value of family and the position of a woman in the family. A woman in society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BIOETHICS :Reflexion on Movie Awakening 1 Page, Personal Value 6 Pages Assignment.
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