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Critically analyse the specific nursing care of the woman undergoing emergency caesarean section,2500 words - Essay Example

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Critically analyse the specific nursing care of the woman undergoing emergency caesarean section Introduction In managing emergency caesarean section patients, there are various concerns and duties which nurses have to note and be responsible for. These patients often display needs which affect the success of the procedure and the safety of the infant…
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Critically analyse the specific nursing care of the woman undergoing emergency caesarean section,2500 words
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Download file to see previous pages The anatomy and physiological changes referring to pregnancy will also be established, especially in terms of anaesthesia. My role in preoperative care, preparation of the room and equipment, as well as the positioning of the patient will be included in this essay. Body The needs of the individual patient in this case would refer to the operating room needs, with an operating room made ready, the assisting nurse scrubbed and gowned, and the appropriate instrument tray prepared. Informing the appropriate team for the caesarean section would also be essential (Murray and Huelsmann, 2009). Individuals requiring notice would be the operative assistant, the charge nurse, the nursing supervisor, the anaesthesiologist, the OR team, and paediatrician. Information to be transmitted would include indications, how immediate the surgery needs to be, the gestational age of the mother, major pregnancy problems, medications given in labour, and allergies (Murray and Huelsmann, 2009). It is also important for the anaesthesia machine and a radiant warmer to be set up in the OR. The roles of the nurses also need to be assigned. As soon as the patient delivers, sponge counts and instrument counts would have to be undertaken (Murray and Huelsmann, 2009). Post-operative care is also in order, after appropriate un-scrubbing procedures carried out. The patient is then wheeled into the recovery room, monitored based on doctor recommended intervals. Monitoring of bleeding and infection is also needed, along with the administration of due medications, including antibiotics and pain medications (Littleton and Engebretson, 2005). It is important for the nurse to participate completely in the nursing care of the caesarean section patient because emergency caesarean sections imply an immediate procedure which is threatened by possible foetal or maternal distress or any other issues or complications of pregnancy (Iyer,, 2006). The assistance of the nurse is essential in these cases in order to ensure a speedy, safe, and efficient delivery. It would allow for the efficient use of hospital resources with the ultimate goal of achieving improved and stable patient outcomes. It is also the responsibility of the nurse to assist the anaesthesiologist during the induction of the anaesthesia as well as the monitoring of the patient during the surgery, mostly in terms of vital signs monitoring or any adverse reactions to the anaesthesia (Maaloe,, 2012). Spinal anaesthesia is usually preferred over general anaesthesia for caesarean patients. Although both anaesthesia techniques provide effective anaesthesia during the delivery, spinal anaesthesia provides more benefits for both the mother and the infant. In a review by Krisanaprakornkit (2006), the author established that both methods proved effective in providing anaesthesia. For spinal anaesthesia, the surgery can be initiated sooner, however the risk of hypotension requiring treatment seems apparent in spinal anaesthesia. General anaesthesia also offers better postoperative control (Ng,, 2004). In relation to other postoperative outcomes, including nausea, postoperative back pain, postdural puncture headache, no effective or definitive conclusion could be established (Krisanaprakornkit, 2006). Regional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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