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Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care - Essay Example

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Perioperative care is an integral component of overall surgical case management. It is created to address major problems relating to medical perioperative evaluation and postoperative care, particularly for high-risk patient.(Magallanes, 2002). Perioperative refers to the total surgical experience and includes pre, intra and postoperative phases of patients' surgical journey…
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Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care
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Extract of sample "Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care"

Download file to see previous pages This includes the study of applied perioperative care in abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in patient with coronary heart disease. It will prove the success of perioperative care in both the non-scheduled and elective surgery. It will describe the interaction of the patient with the perioperative staff and nurses through out the procedure.
A Perioperative medicine addresses the medical care of the surgical patient and focuses on the patient's status before, during and after the actual surgical procedure. Perioperative medicince is not a sub specialty of medicine but rather a body of medical knowledge that enables physicians to manage medical illness during the perioperative period, assesses operative risk, and respond to complications. (Magallanes, 2002). Perioperative surgery is classified according to the severity of the situations or case; the elective and the emergency surgery. In the elective surgery a patient were prepared for the procedure and is scheduled and is given a certain time of waiting not unless the case becomes severe. The emergency surgery is the one that needs to be done right away. It maybe an accident or a result of trauma. The injury maybe life threatening and therefore procedure will be done within 1-2 hours from admission. In this case it is important that the perioperative team will coordinate to each other in order to deliver safe patient care during the potentially traumatic situation the patient is into. The perioperative procedure was
able to identify the risk during the phases of both the elective and the emergency cases, thus they will able to prevent the said risks. Because of its positive result and widely accepted the
procedure is much appreciated by the surgeons, anesthesiologist, internist, nurses and even other healthcare staff involve in the procedure. According to Magallanes from an old study the clinical
significance of perioperative medical care showed an approximately 80% of postoperative deaths on the surgical service were attributable to underlying medical conditions, whereas the 20% of the deaths were due to surgery or anesthesia.(Magallanes, 2002). A major benefit of having a dedicated perioperative service is the focus of improving and providing a better health service for patient.
Critical Evaluation of the Incident
In this case study the patient will be treated because of the sudden deterioration of the health of the patient. Consideration on her case must be done since she is 7 months pregnant. Evaluation of the procedure should be done carefully to avoid immature labor. Anesthesia and other medication should be properly computed and addressed to. Information to patients relative should be given to avoid confusion and other question.. The purpose is to cure the patient without endangering the baby on her womb and to be able to treat the mother successfully.
This is a case of a 23 year old female patient, weighing 60 kg, with 7 months amenorrhea, with Kock's spine at level D4-D5 with paraplegia, was posted for anterolateral decompression as a semi emergency operation. Amenorhhea is the abnormal absent of menstruation.(Medline Plus, 2005). Patient complained of back pain since 6 months; followed by weakness of both lower limbs and inability to walk since 7 days.
There was the past history of anorexia ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Non-Scheduled Perioperative Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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