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Genetics- Advanced Pathophysiology Name: Institution: Abstract Persistent research in human genetic makeup and potential defects has led to incredible discoveries in the field of medicine and healthcare in general. Nevertheless, genetic testing as a medical field is still advancing and yet to be fully integrated into actual medical care and patient treatment…
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Download file to see previous pages... The paper achieves this objective by identifying and examining roles that should be played by a multi-disciplinary healthcare team to effectively deal with a family whose unborn child is diagnosed with Tay Sach’s genetic disease. This case study also includes a teaching plan formulated for the family to examine further, the moral implications regarding ease of access to individuals’ genetic information. Additionally, the paper has a reflective section giving insight into my opinion in regard to the family’s decision, as well as, my advocacy for this choice. The final section in the report evaluates the legal and moral circumstances of carrying a baby diagnosed with Tay Sach’s to term. Genetics Case Study It is evident from the Trosack family case that, they are staunch Catholics. This implies that, strong Christian beliefs and ethics guide this family’s decisions, hence their elevated believe in God rather than scientific based evidence. All the same, the family needs professional support and education, so as to effectively cope with the Tay Sach’s diagnosis and provide sufficient care for their unborn child. Assessment of the Trosack’s case study brings several crucial healthcare issues to light. The issues include poly pharmacy concerns, and depression possibility owing to the pregnancy and consequent diagnosis (Jenkins & Lea, 2005). These issues can only be addressed by a team with diverse skills and knowledge in different disciplines. The multi-disciplinary team will help me, as the nurse in charge, to formulate an adequate education and discharge plan for Rita Trosack and her family. Members of the Interdisciplinary Team Case Manager: This is one of principal players in management of the case, since the individual is responsible for planning, task assignment and coordination of the other members involved in the Trosack family case (Jenkins & Lea, 2005). Additionally, the case manager provides information about appropriate pregnancy care, while availing resources after Mrs. Trosack’s discharge. This individual can also assist the couple in accessing suitable physicians for their unborn child. It is also the case manager’s responsibility to question the Trosack couple, in order to discover relevant information such as their medical insurance, the level of education, religious beliefs and home living conditions. Overall, the case manager will provide access to all necessary resources for continued care for the child and its mother. Social Worker: This is a vital team member because he or she would enable the family to cope with the Tay Sach’s diagnosis and later treatment (Jenkins & Lea, 2005). Further, a social worker has the capability to guide the family in gaining access to proper support groups and community resources. The worker may also provide emotional support for the family in the course of disease progression. Generally, I would expect the social worker to provide all relevant information about support groups, available community resources and comprehensive education about prenatal care. Registered Gynecologist or Nurse: A gynecologist would be highly beneficial in this case, since Mrs. Trosack is pregnant. The gynecologist’s responsibility would be to examine all changes, however trivial, in the pregnant woman thus effectively monitoring the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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