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Among chronic patients what is the effect of acupunture on the use of narcotic over 30 days - Essay Example

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AMONG CHRONIC PATIENTS WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF ACUPUNTURE ON THE USE OF NARCOTIC OVER 30DAYS. Name Institutions Date AMONG CHRONIC PATIENTS WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF ACUPUNTURE ON THE USE OF NARCOTIC OVER 30DAYS. In this experiment, the objective is to test the effects of acupuncture on the use of narcotic among chronic patients over a period of 30days…
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Among chronic patients what is the effect of acupunture on the use of narcotic over 30 days
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Extract of sample "Among chronic patients what is the effect of acupunture on the use of narcotic over 30 days"

Download file to see previous pages Appropriate tools for conducting the tests and measurement of results should be available. The primary care settings are an important feature in this undertaking (Perry G. F., 2010). Treating chronic pain conditions with long-standing doses or prescriptions of narcotic (e.g., morphine), anti-inflammatory (e.g., ibuprofen), or other anodyne medications may provide a modicum of just a short-term relief. Initial dose titration and for breakthrough pain should limit the role of short-acting opioids. According to pain specialists and physicians, long-acting opiates should be the lynchpin of treatment if narcotics and narcotic treatments are used for persistent pain. The results of studies done raise an important questions when dealing with narcotic prescription; that is, are physicians well trained in treating chronic conditions or how well are they informed about the prescription they are admitting. In implementation of the treatment one take a sample number of patients and prescribe them with narcotic treatment drugs and non-narcotic drugs to another sample. Having in mind that chronic pain involves more than just transmission of noxious stimuli persistently through the nervous system but also a high culmination of dynamic process and highly elaborate inextricably bound to the sufferer’s cognitive, social, psychological and cultural history; it would be essential to create an experimental sample of tests. Administering the drugs in correct intervals to avoid any error within the collected results, and considering the experiment has a time frame a drug like hydrocodone/acetaminophen (7.5/500) can be admitted to the patient twelve times a week; for severe pains. The experiment will use the nonrandomized controlled clinic trails with an adequate number of patients that will of comparable conditions. Efforts should be put in place to consolidate physical education and management guidelines about chronic pains and narcotic medication so as to incorporate it medical education and continuing medical training. Evaluation of effectiveness and facets of chronic nonmalignant pains in a patient should be the first evaluation procedure one should undertake before use of narcotic. Also the physician or pain specialist should have the appropriate care and measure tools to conduct the experiments. Understanding the current use and effects of narcotic drugs for chronic pains is also a prior practice the physician should undertake (Perry G. F., 2010). Before measuring the outcome, there should be an already available and clear medical review for the patients. The components of this review include; duration, location type, patterns and intensity of the pain; factors that intensify or reduce the pain; prior and current psychiatric and medical conditions; impacts of the pain on mood, functioning and sleep; the patients’ expectations of treatment; the previous use and prescription of pain medications; social environment description of the patients; patients’ history including the physical examination of both the patient and family history. After conduction the above measures then the medication is done, and within the specified period of 30days the results are collected and represented with tables and graphs if possible. From this information collected, the following outcomes will be measured; amount of prescription of the drug; also patient behavior after the medication, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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