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Alternative Pain Therapy - Research Paper Example

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ALTERNATIVE PAIN THERAPY [Institutions Name] Table of Contents List of Tables iii iii Preface iv Abstract v CHAPTER ONE 6 Introduction 6 Background of Information 7 Problem Statement 8 Research Question 9 Justification of the Study 9 Hypothesis 10 CHAPTER TWO 11 LITERATURE REVIEW 11 Introduction 11 Brief Summary of Literature Review 11 Conceptual Framework 12 CHAPTER THREE 18 METHODOLOGY 18 Introduction 18 Research Methods 19 Sampling Population and the Sample 21 Data Collection 22 Data Analysis Procedures 24 Ethical Considerations 24 CHAPTER FOUR 25 DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 25 Introduction 25 Discussions 31 Conclusion 33 Recommendations 33 References 35 List of Tabl…
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Alternative Pain Therapy
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Download file to see previous pages Tragedies that could otherwise been avoided have motivated me to do the research and study options of minimizing pain and assess whether they are better compared to the conventional methods being used. I would like to acknowledge my friends and family for their unwavering support throughout the research time. I would also like to thank and acknowledge my course professor and supervisor whose support and guidance really helped me to successfully complete this research paper. Abstract This project was titled alternative chronic pain treatments due to the idea that came up to me as result of the several tragic fatalities linked to analgesics that have occurred. Analgesics have been used to treat pains for quite a long time, but an incident in Afghanistan where a soldier massacred seventeen people due to side effects of the drug raised lots of concern. The literature review will further look at the various researches that have been associated with the side effects of analgesics. Different statistical reports and researches are illustrated in the literature review to back up these numerous theories. The motivation for this paper was large due to the fact that when solving a problem, there is always the endeavor to make the situation better than it was. However, this was not the case for the analgesics. As we will see in the literature review, soldiers are tremendously being affected by side effects of analgesics. From this observation, it can be said authoritatively that the study into the alternative pain relief methods is justified. The methodology went ahead and used descriptive statistical technique for its reliability and for the fact that it can be used comprehensively with both qualitative and quantitative statistical techniques. This gave room for the data to be collected through the various ways associated to the two different techniques. The data collection was done through structured questionnaires that were well pre-tested and administered to the target population. The data analysis was performed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), and the data presented using tables and figures. CHAPTER ONE Introduction Pain in human bodies always reflects an injury that requires medical attention and care. The nervous system is triggered to send information and alert the brain of a possible injury within the body. On the other hand, chronic pain is a very persistent and constant pain that never goes, it keeps occurring causing a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to an individual (National Institute of Health, 2013). Body pain causes a lot of discomfort to an individual irrespective of the short period of time they may take. Therefore, constant and repeatedly painful occurrence such as chronic pains should be addressed with the seriousness they deserve. Effective methods of handling the pain and helping the affected people feel relieved and better is indispensable (National Institu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alternative Pain Therapy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8750 Words.
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