Cluster headache pathophysioloy class - Case Study Example

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Mostly, it affects the eye region. In many instances, it is accompanied by autonomic symptoms like eye watering and nasal…
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Cluster headache case study pathophysioloy class
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Download file to see previous pages Individuals who suffer from this type of headache experience recurrent severe, one-sided (unilateral) headache pain. These attacks occur at intervals with spontaneous remissions that stop the continuous progress of pain though a smaller percentage of individuals do not experience this interrupt. Cluster headaches are mostly incurable, but prevention can be put in place. Acute attacks can be treated through giving the patient plenty supply of oxygen or triptan which is fast acting. Verapamil uses a prevention mechanism has been widely acceptable and is commonly used as a prophylactic therapy. The use of verapamil sometimes calls for use of steroids before it starts to take effect (Friedman BW, 2009). Cluster headache proportionally affects a 0.2% of the general population with men being affected most. The ratio of men to women who suffer from cluster headache ranges from 2.5:1 to 3.5:1.
P.T has a three years history of cluster headache, and he is 35 years of age. He has gone to a neurological clinic for follow-up and revealed that he experienced any headache for a period of one year until they started six weeks ago. He has been involved in a divorce and also lost her mother who succumbed to cancer recently. He shifted to a new job a few weeks ago. He states that his headaches starts from nowhere and reaches its highest level of pain within 10 minutes. An intense and extreme headache pain is experienced, and it is unilateral only affecting one side of the head typically above the eye. The pain runs from above the eye to the temple and reaches the left cheek. During a headache, the eye starts to water profusely and also a runny nose is on the go. The headaches have been episodic, lasting for approximately two and a half hours and occurring between 9am to 9pm daily during the last five days. Drugs such as ibuprofen nor acetaminophen have been ineffective in relieving pain during headaches. There are no photophobic instances associated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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