Human Rights and Mental Health Care Policies: Caregivers and Users - Essay Example

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This paper analyses the factors that affect health care service legislation and derives a critical analysis of such areas as human rights in health care delivery versus human consent, various related Health Acts, implementation of these Acts, their efficacy and suitability…
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Human Rights and Mental Health Care Policies: Caregivers and Users
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Download file to see previous pages Other issues include stereotypes and stigma (Corrigan & Watson, 2004), which are special cases that are subject to personal opinion. The importance of this study is pinned to the fact that mental illnesses are quite different from other illnesses – mental illnesses are uniquely addressed and treated while mentally ill patients are differently handled. Human rights Overview The mental health issues affect both the caregivers and the users of the health care services (Byrick & Walker-Renshaw, 2012). Health care users are the patients, but can also extend to their family members especially during the making of major health care decisions (Hoop, DiPasquale & Hernandez, 2008). The caregivers are the nurses (medical practitioners) who must determine the best interventional procedures on the mentally ill patients while still abiding by the stipulated mental health policies (Department of Health, 2013), and family members who must follow advices from the responsible medical practitioner. In-between are policies that mostly reflect procedures that manifest best interest in positive health outcome of the patient (The Carter Center, 2013). More often than not, there occur conflicts of interests in handling of the patients, making major decisions regarding the patients’ mental health condition and the general handling of the patients (MFI, 2013). While the responsible medical practitioners’ mission is to ensure the best health outcome of the patient in question, there are some barring or rather binding rules and moral standings that often lead to dilemma in terms of the best step to take (Bailey, 2004). Legal rights According to Bartlett and Sandland (2007), all human beings are entitled to legal rights to refuse various...
The research paper “Human Rights and Mental Health Care Policies: Caregivers and Users” discusses the policies in mental health care services in order to prevent health care disparity. Mental health issues are not a one-man matter to consider. First is the understanding that the health welfare of a patient attracts multilateral attentions; the patient, the health physician responsible, the family members affected, the immediate society and the government developmental agenda regarding mental health trends. The previous statement underpinning the necessity of coordination among the roles of the key affected stakeholders is fundamental to the health care services delivery system in operation. The public awareness does not deter the attending physician to do the right thing but it enhances easy mental health care delivery. Various ordeals that patients are prone to such as stigma, racial bias and stereotypes are easily overcome. Mental health awareness among the general public must be emphasized as effective approaches to mental health care service delivery – mental illnesses are multifaceted. They are functions of physical, psychological and sociological disorientations. The fight to protect the service user probably exceeds that aimed at protecting the medical practitioner. There are suggestions that, for instance, there must be a continued supply of quality medicine to the mentally ill. There exists a boundary line between the legal rights of the patients and the limits to the freedom of the physician involved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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