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Review of the Literature (It is related Final Project) - Article Example

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Review of the Literature Institution Tutor 25th April 2013 Review of Literature Introduction Ethics within different professions encompass the required personal standards when undertaking work related responsibilities. The general application of professional skills and knowledge in delivering services to the public constitute professional ethics…
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Review of the Literature (It is related Final Project)
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Download file to see previous pages These components remain applicable to different professions, but specific professions have ethical values governed by prevailing legal elements within the profession. While some professions remain generally governed by internal regulation, other professions, like nursing and midwifery, have statutory bodies regulating professional ethical conduct. Ethical issues in healthcare profession Contrary to other professions, the healthcare professional ethics are governed by statutory bodies. These bodies impose an element of legality within the professional ethics. The close relationships between these elements create significant difficulty of separating malpractices based on ethical values and those related to legal values. The healthcare professional ethics become complicated by the inclusion of numerous statutory laws, professional regulations and expected high standards of practice. Ethical issues within the profession become intertwined within the numerous legal elements governing operating standards, expected by the society from medical professionals. While certain elements remain legal within the provisions of law, ethical factors could contradict numerous undertaking of the medical profession. Abortion, for example, is legal within many American jurisdictions; however, performing abortion might appear unethical because of the attributed societal concerns (Greenwood, 2012). Confidentiality This issue remains both ethical and legal within the medical profession. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act of 1996, privacy rule requires medical professionals to maintain confidentiality of a patient’s medical information. Ethically, information shared between a patient and doctor should remain confined within their knowledge. Medical professionals could be legally sued for allowing leakage of such information. Deliberate release of this information could amount to unethical practice, but could also initiate litigation from the aggrieved party (Wafa, 2010). This information could, however, be mistakenly released from confining information centers resulting in legal action being undertaken against the medical professional involved. Though there are legal elements concerning information confidentiality, healthcare professional are never administered with legal oaths of confidentiality. The lack of legally binding agreements to confidentiality, places the issue within ethical boundaries. Healthcare professional remain ethically bound to these legislative measures concerning various ethical practices. The major advantage of this legal and ethical element remains the ability for public members to initiate legal action against medical practitioners. The need to avoid litigation processes could enhance better confidentiality within the healthcare profession. Should mistakes occur, leading to leakage of such information, the medical professionals’ careers become risky. Lawsuits against doctors could have adverse effects on reputation of doctors; hence affect their abilities in delivering or undertaking similar healthcare operations. While medical professions become careful in maintaining confidentiality, instances breaching the confidentiality could become career-destroying moments. Malpractice This could be defined as an element of both legal and ethical practice factors. Malpractice borders between legal and ethical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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