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High proven Diet Food - Assignment Example

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High Protein Diet Food Name Lecturer Date High Protein Food High protein foods are some of the most essential foods that can facilitate health. These foods have biological benefits that when taken in acceptable qualities and quantities will lead to rich health…
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High proven Diet Food
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Download file to see previous pages There have been differences in consideration of what is high protein diet. Diets that have 30% proteins have been mostly considered as just reasonable amounts of proteins. The ones that have 50% or more are the ones that are actually considered as the ones with high protein diets. The doctors also point out the fact that diets that are high in protein and are moderate in carbs are mostly considered by experts to be able to help people reduce their blood fats. The high protein foods also assist in the maintenance of lean tissue while still burning the body fats for fuel (Bailey, 1991). Study carried out left researchers wondering how the protein works towards reducing appetite. Some think that this may be made possible by the fact that the proteins enable the brain to acquire very minimal levels of hormones that stimulate appetite. This is the main reason brought to the frontline in this discussion. Though the findings still remain inconclusive and the doubt still lingers on the mind of the researchers. The jury is still out on the other findings that arose from the research carried out to determine how the protein intake can work towards the reduction of appetite among the people who maintain protein intake. The study further tends to explain the fact that small amounts of insulin are possibly influenced to facilitate less sugar level fluctuations that in effect lead to fewer instances of cravings. The result may be arrived at by eating fewer carbs, or even when individual proteins facilitate brain chemistry to control hunger hormones (Katan, 1997). Further research done by scientific researchers point out that people should boost levels of protein in diet. New research hints at the possibility that protein has the ability to satisfy hunger, better more as compared to carbohydrates or even fats. During the duration of study, individuals were taken through a sort of diet whereby fat intake was reduced while protein levels increased. The same diet had 50% carbs. It was later discovered that these individuals were more satisfied, had lost weight and were less hungry. On further field, a similar study carried out on the effect of such high levels of proteins mixed with exercise. The people who participated in this study had lost much weight and had raised levels of blood fat (Bailey, 1991). The essential explanation given that makes proteins necessary elements for the body is that protein is good for growth. It is necessary in all stages of life as it constitutes the major elements of the cells such as bone and muscles. Proteins are needed for development, growth as well as the immunity needed to assist in fighting off diseases and for the protection of the body. Patients who want to stay healthy enough to enable them fight diseases as well as to assist in controlling the body size (Katan, 1997). Recommendations from DRI, which deals majorly with dietary information, state that a wide range of protein intake should be implemented. The recommended range should be between 10% and 35% of all the calories for the normal adult. This means that that on a diet of 1800 calories, it is safe to consume between 45 and 218 grams daily of protein. Further recommendations state that men should have an average intake of 56 grams in a day while women should strive to have an average intake of 46 grams so as to enjoy the benefits. There is no confirmed danger that can arise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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High Proven Diet Food Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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