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Diet - Essay Example

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Diet refers to the total sum of food that a person consumes. It could specifically imply the specified nutritional intake for weight management or health reasons as observed by the Harvard School of Public Health, HSPH and it will be discussed in this report…
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Download file to see previous pages They rapidly and furiously increase insulin and blood sugar which could spike hunger in the short term leading to overeating. In the long term, this could lead to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. For example, increased consumption of French fries, potato chips and potatoes, refined grains and sugary drinks causes weight gain of about 3.4, 1.3, 0.6 and 1.0 pounds over a span of four years respectively (Roth, 2011). Minimal intake of such foods reduces weight gain. Whole grains such as brown rice, barley and wheat among others get digested slowly compared to refined grains. As such, they have a gentle effect on insulin and blood sugar, helping to keep hunger at bay. This holds for a majority of fruits and vegetables. Studies by the HSPH shows that over 20 years, the studied samples subjected to this kind of diet recorded minimal weight increments of “-0.4, 0.5, and 0.2 pounds less every four years, respectively” (2013). According to Roth (2011), increasing the intake of these foods leads to reduced intake of the other foods, thus cutting on calories. The fiber in these foods has weight control benefits because of the effect of fiber in slowing down digestion, hence curbing hunger. Additionally, fruits and vegetables have high water content helping people fill up on few calories. As such, I have been a supporter of maximal consumption of vegetables and fruits to maintain proper body weight and form. Not only has the water that fills one fast and nourishes the skin been my argument for this but also because of the belief in the many forms of vitamins in these food sources that help keep diseases away. However, Robinson (2013) calls for revision of such myths. According to this scholar, the right varieties of...
This paper approves that poor diets, especially those made up of sugary drinks and refined grains, largely contribute to weight gain and promote chronic diseases. One of the major effects of poor dietary considerations is obesity. Those children in poor countries suffer from obesity due to “exposure to Westernized diets coinciding with a history of undernutritions”. The world food economy has largely contributed to a shift in dietary patterns, for instance, promoting consumption of diets rich in energy and fat, specifically the saturated fat and diets low in unrefined carbohydrates. Combining such diets with declined energy expenditure due to sedentary lifestyle – domestic labor-saving devices, motorized transport and physically undemanding leisure among others – increases the chances of one being obese.
From this essay, it is clear that healthy diets play an important role in preventing chronic diseases and weight gain. It has equipped me with additional information on the importance of having a proper diet for a healthy life. The general recommended dietary requirement calls for higher proteins but lower carbohydrates intake. Contrary to my previous belief that processed foods contain lower carbohydrates, this research has made me appreciate that whole foods or minimally processed foods such as whole grains, plant oils, fruits, nuts and vegetables provide a healthier source of nutrients. They are digested slowly and thus reduce food intake. Sugared beverages, red and processed meats, potatoes and highly processed foods like fast foods should be minimized as they have a similar effect as processed grains. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diet Recommendations
Vitamin A also helps line the skin, eyes, urinary system and respiratory tract, all which act as a line of defense against disease (Levine, 2011). My diet tracker report indicates that I consume 50% of my recommended intake for vitamin A. In these regards, it’s clear my diet could benefit through incorporating increased amounts of spinach, cantaloupe, and carrots.
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Since then, until the year 2003, until the death of Atkins, he published over 17 books but it was during the last years of his life that his diet plan received widespread recognition and following. Based on the four phases of “induction, ongoing loss, pre maintenance, and lifetime maintenance” (Bowden, pp.
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Further, a healthy diet primarily involves consumption of vegetables, whole grains and fruits that meet caloric needs and provide adequate water, fibre, phytochemicals and essential nutrients. This paper will outline the negative effects diet has on health and also examine how various psychological and social factors of human beings impact on health.
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Fad Diet
The diet itself sprang from an article written by Dr. Alfred Pennington in 1958 entitled “Weight Reduction”. Seizing upon this as inspiration for his unique approach, Richard Atkins popularize the Atkins diet beginning with a series of books first published in 1972.
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Healthy Diet
With reference to this, the paper will present two different perspective of healthy diet comprising one from the movie “Forks over Knives” and the other from “The Nutrition Source” provided by the Harvard School of Public Health. The movie “Forks over Knives “examines the deep claim, that most chronic diseases can be controlled with a food menu that excludes animal-based and processed food items and includes plant based diets.
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HCG Diet
Injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) have been asserted to support weight reduction by dropping hunger, and affecting mood as well as relieving localized (spot) reduction. "The HCG diet consists of a very low calorie diet and treatments of HCG that is administered through oral suspension or injections.
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There is a widespread perception that the Japanese diet is far superior to the Western one in terms of promoting health and longevity. Here considers four reasons why Japanese diet is better than western diet.
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Diet Analysis
Carbohydrates, commonly known as saccharides or sugars, have an empirical formula Cx(H20)y where the number of carbon may match the number of H2O molecules or not. As shown by the molecular structure C6H12O6,
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Diet Experience
I have never done anything like this before so I really learned a lot about my diet. Over the two-day period, I kept track of everything and learned that in general, I eat a pretty healthy diet. According to the dietary guidelines put out by the USDA, I eat a fairly balanced diet, but consume a bit too much fat and not enough vegetable.
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Fad diet
Soon after graduating from high school, her soul-mate and only source of comfort travelled back to her parents, leaving her to her customary loneliness. Time was passing and she would soon join college, and June had to get a way to fit in the
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