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Cheap and Healthy Nutritious Food Abstract Cheap and healthy food has much more nutritional value than expensive food. This paper ponders upon the fact that nutrition can be obtained from cheap foods rather than from expensive foods. The paper starts with an introduction as to why people have started going for expensive foods…
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Cheap and Healthy nutritious food
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Cheap and Healthy Nutritious Food Cheap and healthy food has much more nutritional value than expensive food. This paper ponders upon the fact that nutrition can be obtained from cheap foods rather than from expensive foods. The paper starts with an introduction as to why people have started going for expensive foods. Why expensive junk food cannot be compared to healthy food in terms of nutrition has been explained. Some examples have been given which prove that better nutrition can be obtained from cheaper foods. The report is summarized in a concluding paragraph, and APA referencing style has been used properly both for in-text citation and the reference section. Introduction Cheap and healthy nutritious food is vital for wellbeing and health, especially when it comes to people who belong to lower class families. This is because they can only afford cheap food, but if that is healthy too, then that becomes a blessing for them. For food to be healthy and nutritious, it is not necessary that it has to be expensive too. One does not have to spend lots of bucks just to buy a meal that is nutritious. Expensive meals are usually not healthy at all. Example is junk food. An expensive brand of pizza cannot at all be compared to the concept of an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Expensive food mostly contains empty calories. So, it is important for one to be sure about the nutritional aspect of food, rather than going for expensive meals. Wise decision about food choice is a must. Now, let’s see how nutrition can be better obtained from cheaper foods as compared to expensive foods. Cheap Food in terms of Nutrition Different people crave different sorts of food. Some of this food belongs to the healthy category, while some of it is fast food which is usually expensive too. People have got busier lives in this competitive world, so they have less time to spend in the grocery store buying cheap but healthy food and in the kitchen over lengthy cooking processes. Thus, they prefer looking for a quick and easy, already prepared, meal that they can grab at a nearby fast food corner. Fast food, also known as junk food, is increasingly becoming an all-American choice, though expensive one, when it comes to food. It has become an important part of our pop culture. But most of the time, it is unhealthy. It is natural for the consumers to find such food tasty that is high in price, fat, calories, sugar, and sodium. When we compare expensive fast food with cheap healthy food, all nutritionists agree on the fact that healthy food is not only cheap but also gives the body all essential nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and active (Barkway); while, junk food is not only expensive but also deprives the body of important nutrients, thus making the body frail, fatigued, inactive, and obese because of empty calories. A well balanced diet is very affordable and nutritious at the same time. For example, food that can provide protein in a person’s daily intake is milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat, beans, lentils, and an apple daily. Food that can provide one with carbohydrates may be baked potatoes. Food that can provide one with fat is vegetable oil in which we cook our meals, and cream and butter. Cheap and healthy fiber sources are bread slices, bread (chapatti), apple, and beans with cooked brown rice. Bread and rice provided one with the most fiber; while, fruits (apple) provide the least fiber. Water is all the time at hand when it comes to escape from dehydration, and is a much better choice as compared to expensive soft and cold drinks. Conclusion Hence, we see that it is not necessary for healthy food to be expensive. One can acquire just the right kind of nutritional value with spending only a few bucks, rather than spending large amounts on expensive brands and junk food. Busier lives have made people buy junk food, which is not only expensive but is full of empty calories, which bring along them a lot of diseases. On the other hand, the right kind of nutrition can be received from cheap food. Healthy but cheap food is affordable for all classes of people. So, everyone can enjoy health and well being with wise decision about food choice. It is all a matter of priority. If health is a priority, then it can be found in cheaper foods in a much better manner. References Barkway, P. (2009). Psychology for Health Professionals. Australia: Elsevier. Read More
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