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Partner Health Promotion Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Partner Health Promotion Introduction Partner health promotion aims at providing health recommendations based on the health analysis of another person. The recommendations are based on the general health of people that can be altered through the change of lifestyles and medical checkups…
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Partner/ Risk Reduction with Nursing Diagnosis
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Partner Health Promotion affiliation Partner Health Promotion Introduction Partner health promotion aims at providing health recommendations based on the health analysis of another person. The recommendations are based on the general health of people that can be altered through the change of lifestyles and medical checkups. In words by Prochaska & Velicer (2004) partner health promotion requires a great depth of understanding on the health status of another person to consider their medical recommendations. In partner health promotion, there are special recommendations from general health perspectives aimed at improving the health conditions of people based on their lifestyles. In analyzing the real age test in partner health promotion, the results from the test is a great determinant on how to adhere to the recommendations. Real age test results depend on how someone’s age rhymes with their health condition. According to Prochaska & Velicer (2004) real age test results show how effectively people take care of their health conditions. Lifestyles like smoking, drinking and overeating promote negative results from real age tests. After the age test results, recommendations are made on how effectively one can improve their healthy lifestyles. In an argument by West (2005) partner real age test also provided a perspective on how to effectively gauge ones health status depending on the results from your partner. Assessment From my partner’s results, they are 7.8 years older than their age. In regards to this result they do not have great healthy lifestyles. In words by West (2005) an age range between 2 and 3 years does not raise much concern on the age result of an individual. The author further argues that a 2 to 3 years margin can be easily reversed without much effort. However, an age difference higher than 5 years of one’s age is regarded a poor health condition (West, 2005). Their great health margin is caused by smoking, rampant use of aspirin, lack of adequate sleep and having extra weight. The issue of extra weight poses the greatest risk in this case. Wellness Diagnosis Carrying of extra weight has severe impacts on one’s health. They include sleep disorders, diabetes, low back pain, unhealthy body image and high blood pressure (Mertig, 2012). In their wellness diagnosis, losing of extra weight would be great significant in the reduction of the age margin. In argument by Mertig (2012) weight loss attributes to a 3 year margin reduction on the age test results. The author further argues that 6 out of 10 people with appreciated age results have extra weight that contributes to their condition. Planning In this case, planning would be based by the medical recommendations made by a health practitioner. The client should make eating effortless and consume more fat like olive oil. In words by Prochaska & Velicer (2004) this will substitute the waist thickening drenched fats. Additionally, the client should use some green tea often and boost their heart rate by indulging in aerobic exercises. In planning for the diagnosis, the client is to come up with a personal diet timetable they feel comfortable adhering to. Transtheoretical Model This is a behavioral changing assessment model that measures the readiness of an individual to adhere to new medical behavior and provides strategies and processes to help the individual through the action and maintenance stage. The model progresses through a series of stages: pre contemplation (not ready), contemplation (getting ready), preparation (ready), action, maintenance and termination (West, 2005). The first three stages are based on decision making process of the individual after which the actual practice of the model commences. In my partners case, there are several things they have to change about their lifestyle: avoid smoking, loose extra weight, get cholesterol tested, quit frequent use of aspirin, adhere to their sleep timetable and be sun safe, some recommendation in this case require total commitment and action. Using the TTM Model the readiness of the patient to change her lifestyle is assessed until she is ready then starts implementing the recommendations provided by the health practitioner through the action stage and maintaining the schedule till termination. In words by Prochaska & Velicer (2004) the TTM Model is the best tool to use when in need of strict medical schedules. Evaluation To my partner the most significant factor to change was the loss of extra weight. Their progress on this factor has been impressive. After the adaption of the TTM model they have been assisted in creating a schedule based on the medical recommendations. In the evaluation process, they have formulated an impressive diet timetable without the help of practitioner which has been significant in their quest of losing extra weight. The fact that the diet plan was self created creates discipline in the whole process (Mertig, 2012). Based on the TTM Model the change in my partner’s health condition has been excellent which can be greatly attributed to their will to adapt to change. Appendix Appendix A: Assessment tools Medical examination: this particular tool is a general good health assessment. It evaluates the effects of the increased age range like additional weight loss and its effects on the body and how it can be mitigated. Appendix B: Questionnaire Below is a general questionnaire of the age test What is your actual age? Do you have a permanent health condition? Does your family have a history on a medical condition? Do you have a daily exercise routine? If yes how often? Are you on any diet? If yes provide an arrangement of the timetable On a scale of one to ten how comfortable are you in your current health status? References Mertig, R. (2012). Nurses' Guide to Teaching Diabetes Self-Management .New York: Springer Publishing Company Prochaska, J. & Velicer, W. (2004). Integrating population smoking cessation policies and programs: Public Health Reports. Journal of the U.S. Public Health Service 119 (244-252) West, R. (2005).Time for a change: putting the Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) Model to rest. Addiction 100(8): 1036-9 Read More
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