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Reflection and Nurses: the NMC Standards - Essay Example

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In this piece of reflection, I have drawn upon an experience I had recently had in delivering care to a patient in an attempt to realize how many of the NMC standards have I met. For the reflection piece, I shall be using Driscoll’s reflective cycle, a recognised framework for reflection…
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Reflection and Nurses: the NMC Standards
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Download file to see previous pages During my community placement, I went with my mentor to Mrs B’s home to redress her wound. Mrs B is a 63-year-old lady who suffers from diabetes and has a diabetic ulcer on her left heel. After getting permission from Mrs B to enter her home, I introduced myself as a student nurse and asked Mrs B’s consent to change the dressing on her heel. She agreed to this. Consent means an agreement that is a fundamental prerequisite of any kind of medical treatment. “Patient autonomy, respect for such autonomy and the right to information underpins this concept of consent” (Daly, 2009, p. 3). Taking consent of the patient before initiating any kind of treatment does not only make the patient feel respected but also improves the patient’s level of involvement and cooperation with the nurse, because the patient has granted his/her consent for the commencement of that treatment. I consulted the patient’s care plan and wound chart to ascertain which dressing was to be used. Reviewing the care plan of a patient is fundamental to the selection of the most appropriate treatment. Care plan not only serves as a therapeutic tool but also plays the role of a legal record that the care has been given (Turnmore and Thomas, 2000). The care plan also stated that the wound needed to be measured on this visit. I collected all the equipment that was required and took it over to Mrs B’s home who was sitting in an armchair in her living room. Collecting the equipment that is most appropriate for the treatment of a specific patient is compulsory to avoid frustration or delay in the delivery of care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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