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Analysis and Summary of Health Risk information about Abilene Community - Research Paper Example

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According to the 2010 census, Abilene’s population was 117,063. This is close to the number that Hope Haven Incorporation indicates as the total population of the city. Hope Haven indicates that the total population of Abilene city is approximately 125,000 people. …
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Analysis and Summary of Health Risk information about Abilene Community
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Download file to see previous pages From this population, the approximate number of people considered homeless is 625-1,875 per night. This is based on a formulae used by Housing and Urban Development to determine the number of homeless people in an area. Housing and Urban Development uses 0.5%-1.5% of the overall population to determine the number of homeless people. Local homeless population in Abilene has been determined to be around 1000 people. Hope Haven Incorporation confirms that the number of homeless people served and turned away every year is approximately 1000 (AHHI, n.d). Homelessness in Abilene is different from that observed in urban areas considering the living conditions and even the race. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, in urban areas, most homeless people are African-American males. The definition of homelessness by the federal government and the perception of homelessness by the people also affect the face of homelessness in Abilene. Abilene is a semi-rural city with white single males as most of its homeless people. The federal government considers homelessness as lack of regular, fixed and enough night-time residence. Most people have the impression that homelessness is living on the streets or in shelters. In Abilene the homeless are likely to be hidden because it is a semi-rural city. In such areas, homeless people mostly live in make-shift lean-tos, abandoned houses or in automobiles. Under these conditions, the homeless lack water and electricity (Eiserer, n.d). Additionally, homeless people in semi-rural and rural areas are less likely to live in shelters or on the streets. Most of them live with their relatives in substandard or overcrowded housing (Eiserer, n.d). This status increases the number homelessness related diseases, especially when they go unrecognized. It increases the risk of infection and affects control of already existing diseases. Abilene community also has the problem of overcrowding in elementary schools. Abilene has been experiencing increased numbers of student enrolment over the years. This however, has not been accompanied by increased elementary educational facilities leading to overcrowding. Because of overcrowding, AISD has proposed a boundary rezoning that is expected to balance the number of students in different schools. Overcrowding is expected be eased at Jackson elementary school, overcrowding is expected to create more space at Ward Elementary, and increase enrolment at Reagan and Dyess. This rezoning is expected to affect Dyess, Jackson, Ward, Bassetti and Reagan Elementary schools (Powell, 2013). Overcrowding causes health problems both directly and indirectly. It enhances the spread of infectious diseases directly, and causes strain on existing facilities, which then cause various types of health problems and diseases. Community Health Nursing Diagnosis 1 Health Risk: Higher Prevalence or Existence of Homeless Diseases than expected The conditions of the houses that the homeless people live in are a contributing factor to their health status. Hope Haven Incorporation indicates that in a year, approximately 1000 homeless people are served or turned away (AHHI, n.d). This could be exclusive of other homeless people who could be living with their relatives, in abandoned houses, make-shift lean-tos and in automobiles among other areas. It means that the number of homeless people that the city planners and charity organizations are aware of could be more than 1000. Homeless people suffer from various diseases such as tooth decay, trauma, respiratory infections, vision disturbances, trauma, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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