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EvaluatIon/critique a piece of research in relation to caring for an acutely ill adult patient - Essay Example

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Research critique: Caring For an Acutely Ill Patient Name Institution Introduction The ultimate goal for nursing care is to ensure and improve the quality of care available to patients. Embarking on research is one avenue via which this goal can be achieved…
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EvaluatIon/critique a piece of research in relation to caring for an acutely ill adult patient
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Extract of sample "EvaluatIon/critique a piece of research in relation to caring for an acutely ill adult patient"

Download file to see previous pages However, publication of research does not necessarily guarantee its quality. As such, it is imperative to engage in research critique in order to judge on research quality and appropriateness. It is within this context that this paper will endeavor to critique, critically, the article by Siobhan Warne et al.:Non-therapeutic omission of medications in acutely ill patients. Critique The article adheres to the conventional structure of a research article. According to Beauchamp, specification in research is unavoidable (BEAUCHAMP & CHILDRESS 2001). This might be hinged on the effectiveness of the research. This article is in line with this assertion as it has incorporated research specification in the article. As such, the critique will analyze the complete structure of this article coupled with its content. This entails a critical analysis of both its content and structure by sections. This approach will ensure that the critique is objective and is not subject to bias. Title The title of a research is tasked with informing the reader on the subject and content of the research article. An informative research title conveys the concepts, methods and variables associated with the article (POLIT & BECK, 2004). The title of the article by Siobhan Warne et al. gives a brief hint on the variables of the study. However, the title does not mention or hint on the concepts and methods used in the study. As such, it does not the meet the requisite conditions for an appropriate title. Abstract The article expounds on the figures associated with the omission of medication to acutely ill patients. The study principally centers on the drugs prescribed for cardiac and respiratory ailments. This, however, limits the scope within which the results might be deemed representative of the actuality on the ground. The conductors of the research adopted the notion that respiratory and cardiac ailments form the core reason for acutely ill patients. This assumption is rather bias as acutely ill patients may be ailing from a number of different reasons, and not particularly these two. The abstract fails to declare whether or not the research is quantitative or qualitative. As such, the reader is obliged to explore and arrive at the conclusion that this is indeed a quantitative research. This is easily identified since the study is concerned with the measurement of the concerning phenomena (HOSKINS, 2004). Statement of aims Questions set by the researcher are usually identified in the statement of aims of the research (POLIT-O'HARA, POLIT, & HUNGLER, 1999). This informs the reader of the intentions motivating the research. As such, this statement must be inclusive of all the aims that necessitated the research. In the framework of this article, the authors only affirm one aim of the research. This is rather vague as it necessitates the reader to explore, further, into the article to arrive at with the precise aims of the research. However, this error is corrected at the study objectives. There is no conclusive rationale that justifies this setup. Introduction The article neither states the research hypothesis nor the research questions in the introduction; this is in contradiction to the expectations of a research article (CHARMAZ, 2006). In light of this omission, their absence is not justified. It is anticipated that the authors will attempt to specify the key variables and the study population. This is, nonetheless, not the actuality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EvaluatIon/Critique a Piece of Research in Relation to Caring for an Essay.
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