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Patterns of Knowing - Essay Example

This works to facilitate efficiency in the profession. The understanding of various patterns of knowing has served as the basis of improving the nursing practice in terms of patient care in clinical, community, cultural and administrative settings. This paper seeks to highlight the fundamental patterns of knowing exemplified in a hands-on experience. In the nursing practice, many are the times when unique occurrences present themselves demanding the application of all aspects to salvage situation. A patient recuperating under my care was involved in an incident, which created a stir within the institution. He had been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor of meningioma origin, which was an enormous source of stress and strain to the patient as well as his family. The patient suffered impaired judgment, reasoning and intelligence owing to the tumor. The patient also lacked coordination of his motor skills and required assistance. As a result, his mental status was compromised to a variable extent and thus required adequate monitoring. Before his surgery, the patient caused commotion as he yelled demanding that a man present himself to inherit his wife as he believed he was dying. He tossed equipment in his room as voiced his demands. Attempts to calm him down initially bore no fruits and medical personnel within the ward came over and presented varying options for a solution. An individual among the medical personnel suggested the psych ward while another indicated transfer to a mental facility.

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HEA 634 The Socio-Political And Cultural Context Of Nursing
It has been found that since the last 20 years, the sociological theory has become a valuable clinical tool in the diagnosis of the wide range of illnesses in long term conditions (Handsley & Stocks, 2009). It has been noticed that the patterns and the inquiry processes in the Jacobs-Kramer and Chinn’s model are quite adequate in describing the relationship of nurse-patient.
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Decision Making Process
Decision Making Process Introduction Decision making is one of the critical aspects of any profession. Although it can be simply said as "the cognitive process of reaching a decision”, there are a lot more complex issues that need to be taken care of behind the words “cognitive process” (freedictionary, n.d).
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Second, it must be proven true through double-checking our facts and showing that there are no other possible truths that prove us wrong. Lastly, we must have belief in our knowledge; if we don’t, then nobody else will believe in it. One example that meets these criteria would be the debate about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.
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Personal Ways of Knowing
I was always keen to help take care of family members when the need arose. Taking care of my brother had required sensitive approach in taking care of daily needs and timely dressing of the wounds. This was perhaps the major turning point that defined my future vocation in nursing.
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Seeing and Knowing
People present different visionary abilities implying that while others can see properly some cannon with many others possessing no visionary abilities (Grice 15). The essence of the argument is that those with better visionary abilities perform better than those with limited abilities to see can.
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Design Patterns
Additionally, this subject automatically informs all the objects (observers) regarding any changes made to the state. In order to inform other objects or observers regarding something attractive taking place, a subject distributes an announcement or message to the observers that exist on the list of the subject.
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Design patterns
The observer design pattern is a software design pattern whereby the object referred to as the subject, preserves a record of its dependents referred to as observers, and alerts them of any changes in state, normally by utilizing one of their techniques. The observer design pattern is largely utilized to enforce disseminated systems of handling events.
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Challenging Behaviour Patterns
We then step into the world of patients suffering from illnesses that alter their behaviour patterns and rob from exercising full control of their mental abilities. Charlie a patient who suffers from dementia is used as an example within this paper and his behavioural changes are expounded.
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Glbal patterns if atmospheric patterns and circulation
96). Millions of square kilometers of sea ice have been lost due to increasing temperatures. The increased heat of the sun causes more water to be evaporated from oceans which is absorbed by
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Introduction Sociopolitical Conclusion
In the article, Averill & Clements (2007) advocates for population served, burgeoning diversity of learners, expanded consumerism, faculty, multidisciplinary health care environment and enhanced online teaching embedded on the six patterns of knowing—empirical,
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The patient had to be sedated and monitored, and offered counseling when lucid as preparation for his surgery. All the while, I was trying my best to reestablish connection with my patient by reassuring him of a positive future after his full recovery. At the same time, I tried explaining to others the existing condition of by sensitively indicating the diagnosis to explain the reasoning behind the patient’s actions. Taking all proceedings into account, I lacked the understanding of how the qualified medical personnel sort drastic measures to eliminate the problem at hand as opposed to understanding it. Analyzing the unfortunate incident, three fundamental aspects of knowing emerge, which include aesthetic, ethical and personal knowing. Aesthetic knowledge illustrates the nurse’s ability to provide appropriate nursing care by considering the uniqueness of the condition in each patient. In this regard, creative and practical styles of care that are founded on compassion and empathy are emphasized (Carper, n.d.). As such, the aesthetic pattern was highlighted when I put myself in the patient’s shoes since I understood his condition. This aspect was in motion as I explained the patient’s diagnosis to other personnel from his point of view. Similarly, the relationship between the patient and his healthcare provider is demonstrated in the above situation, which is illustrative of personal knowing. Personal knowing strives to encourage the development of a professional relationship between patients and medical personnel. Although regarded as most essential to the understanding the meaning of well-being, personal knowledge is considered as the most difficult to master and teach (Cody, 2006). Ethical knowing demonstrates the knowledge of various philosophical positions with regard to moral actions in clinical


Patterns of Knowing Date Patterns of Knowing Nursing involves elaborate processes of dynamic interactions, which are critical in defining efficiency during dispensation of services within a healthcare setting. Knowing illustrates a means through which one perceives the world in order to understand self and others…
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Patterns of Knowing
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