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Carter's Way of Knowing - Research Paper Example

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Carter’s Way of Knowing. Name: Institution: The theoretical foundations of ways of knowing are grounded in epistemology and ontology that are inherent t understanding this aspect that plays a key role in almost all disciplines and professions. Epistemology refers to what is knowledge and what is believed to be true about the subject that knowledge…
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Carters Way of Knowing
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Download file to see previous pages Ways of knowing are most apparent in situations where western notions regarding the attainment of information and knowledge comes into close contact and interaction with indigenous ways of knowing. Differences in the approaches that these two apply makes it possible to discern the significance of ways of knowing and its impacts on what is believed to be true in various societies around the world. This paper seeks to identify and discuss the theoretical basis of the conceptual theoretical framework of Carter’s Way of Knowing. Each discipline has a recognized body of knowledge that is specific to that particular subject and its content with regard to its domain or area of study. In each discipline, there is the aspect of knowing or being informed about the subject matter of interest, and this is what is referred to as conceptual knowledge or having the know-how about a particular discipline. According to Carter (2007), this is what is referred to as active ways of knowing or procedural knowledge that is related to the discipline of interest. Carter (2007) postulates that the notion of disciplinary ways of doing things is linked to the discipline-specific ways of knowing and the concomitant skills of writing within and across disciplines. Carter calls this bridging the outside/in gap and this can be contextualized by analysing relationships in ways of knowing. The relationship among knowing, writing and doing that is veiled by the disciplinary focus on conceptual knowledge (Munhall, 2011). The middle term that links writing and knowing is doing in the disciplines, which makes it challenging to reframe these disciplines as ways of knowing, writing and doing (Bonis, 2009). To achieve this entails finding a means of describing these aspects in convincing terms with regard to the ways of doing that characterize these disciplines. Research studies have indicated that to know and be able to do through the use of outcome based statements, there emerges certain ways of doing that are repeated in general terms across a variety of disciplines. Examples of these outcome-based statements are illustrated in response to academic learning situations that call for problem solving, performance, research, and for empirical inquiry (Munhall, 2011). Evidence from research has also established that despite similarities in ways of knowing across disciplines, there exist significant differences that enable the identification of discipline-specific ways of knowing. This revelation was achieved by analysing the different types of written activities that test participants’ produced as a requirement for the study. Ways of knowing in nursing offers a guidance and direction to holistic ad well rounded research, education and practice for health care givers (Bonis, 2009). According to Munhall (2011), Carter’s ways of knowing can be applied in nursing research from diverse epistemological perspectives that enhance the appropriateness and effectiveness of evidence based practice. Carter’s ways of knowing get their significance when they are applied to hope research with regard to grieved palliative health care givers with the ultimate objective of promoting positive outcomes and health (Meleis, 2011). Bereaved health care givers involved with palliative patients are characterized by having unmet necessities that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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