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Neighbourhood Assessment on Broughty ferry Dundee, Scotland Introduction The name of the Scottish region known as Broughty Ferry is thought to have come from the Scottish Gaelic words for “Taybank” which are Bruach Tatha. Broughty Ferry is a community that is situated just at the centre of Dundee…
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Download file to see previous pages Dundee also has numerous clubs and pubs that cater to the needs of its diverse student population as well as the local inhabitants (Day and Gentry 2012). The Dundee Repertory Theatre is Scotland’s only repertory theatre and is widely recognized for its exceptional productions. Other ordinary theatres in Dundee are the Gardyne Theatre, Whitehall Theatre, and The Little Theatre. The Scottish School of modern Dance is also located at Dundee College. The city regularly plays host to a various festivals such as the jazz, blues, flower, dance, and food festivals (Gifford 2012). However, this number gets boosted during learning seasons when students come to attend Dundee’s universities and college. Dundee is particularly famous for its celebrated universities that boast approximately 40,000 students (King 2011). The Dundee University, in particular, has been able to attract well known scientists to it faculty, who have contributed to world class research studies. In addition, the ‘Centre of Excellence’ which is located in the University of Abertay, is internationally considered as an authority in the education concerning computer games. Many young entrepreneurs have been attracted to Dundee by the reputations of its educational institutions, and thus there has been a lot of job creation in the sector concerned with computer games. Broughty Ferry actually sits on the northern shore of river Tay. Broughty Ferry is a leafy neighbourhood situated in Dundee, Scotland in Great Britain. Broughty Ferry has a population of approximately 13,155 persons (Hall 2003). This region’s population is mainly comprised of young families and the semi retired. Most of Broughty Ferry’s residents tend to reside in large semi-detached as well as detached homes located in the exclusive rural as well as suburban areas. Most of Broughty Ferry’s inhabitants have high disposable incomes because of their specialized skills in varied fields. Broughty Ferry was once a precinct for the jute barons of Dundee, and it was believed to be the home of some of the richest men in Europe. The numerous Victorian mansions that still dot its landscape are a testimony of that past era. The most famous attraction in Broughty Ferry is the Broughty Castle. This structure was constructed in the 1490s. It has been the centre of many disagreements about its true ownership. Between 1547 and 1550, it was occupied exclusively by the British (Hall 2003). Broughty Ferry has also functioned as a fishing port for a long time. Broughty Ferry’s ferry service to Tayport has been a vital connection between the ports of the east coast in the last few centuries. This was prior to the creation of the Tay Rail Bridge. In the course of the 19th Century, there was swift development in this area as a result of the establishment of the railway running through Arbroath and Dundee in 1838. The short standard train service between the Ferry and Dundee inspired residents to travel away in order to avoid the persistent smog that was the result of industrialization. During this period, the men who had grown wealthy from Dundee’s thriving jute industry began to build mansions in Broughty Ferry. Today, Broughty Ferry is a beautiful city with a scenic seafront, a harbour and an esplanade, and white sandy beaches. It has become quite popular with tourists and a wonderful place for sight-seers and walking enthusiasts. Broughty Ferry boasts a wide selection of four and five star hotels ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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