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Practice of Ethics Customer Inserts Name Insert Grade Course Insert 8th February, 2013 Practice of Ethics The concept of ethics in nursing is one that is dominant and important in the nursing practice. Ethics form a key foundation in nursing…
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Practic of Ethics 4DB
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Practice of Ethics Inserts Insert Grade Insert 8th February, Practice of Ethics The concept of ethics in nursing is one that is dominant and important in the nursing practice. Ethics form a key foundation in nursing. They help in ensuring that the undertaken practices are undertaken in a right way (Ulrich et al., 2010). They help in determining what is good or bad. Ethics are defined as the principles governing the right behaviour or conduct. This paper seeks to analyse the ethical case presented. It provides my possible action as the director of the agency. In answering the question, the paper will assess the ethical dilemma presented, the choices of actions present and the related ethical principles. As the director of the agency, I would seek to handle the case of Ruth professionally and in accordance with the set guidelines. Here it will be important to consider the ethical issues related to the case, what is set out by the code of ethics, Ruth’s rights and position in refusing the assigned work as well as her expected role as a nurse. The main ethical dilemma is that related to the rights of the patient and the role of the nurse towards the patient based on the set code of ethics and the moral and religious standing or beliefs of the nurse. There are a number of actions that I would take as a director of the agency in the case of Ruth’s refusal to take up the task and based on the reasons presented. The first action would be trying to discuss the issue with her in bid to convince her to take the job. My role would in this case be to remind her about her role as a nurse and her duty towards patients. Another initiative would be to try and to erase the idea that the patient’s sickness is in no way a punishment from God, but is rather a disease just like any other. This will be based on the code of ethics that calls for nurses to maintain dignity and integrity during their practice, and in promoting justice. A nurse should always ensure fairness and not discriminate against any patient (Burkhart & Nathaniel, 2002). According to the ANA, they should not judge or stigmatize any patient (ANA, 2004), like is the case with Ruth. Another option would be to delegate the task to another nurse capable of efficiently taking care of the patient. The decision to delegate the task to another nurse and to relieve Ruth of the task would be based on the American Nursing Association’s guidelines related to a nurse’s refusal of an assigned task. ANA allows for a nurse to refuse undertaking an assigned task, if it goes against her or his conscience. The body together with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) says that there are legal ways through which a nurse can legally say no to assigned task if they conflict with her values or conscience (Berkowitz & Chanko, 2004). In this case, Ruth has a right to refuse the task but should do so in the right way and through a specified protocol, and not as she handled it.  The constitution of the USA allows for the freedom of religion. This allows for nurses to say no to practices that are not in line with their religious practices and beliefs. The federal anti discrimination legislation allows for employers to allow nurses not to perform tasks that are not in line with their religion (Havins, 1999). With this in mind, then Ruth is allowed to say no to the assigned task, however, this can only be considered if she had made known her religious standing in advance the beginning of her employment. My role in this case would also include finding out if she had reported this in advance. Another important aspect would be that related to the nurse’s fitness to practice. This allows for nurses to withdraw from a task if they do not feel comfortable or fit enough to undertake it. This should however be discussed with the employer first. In this case, my major role would be to ensure that Ruth takes the necessary measures required to acquire her fitness to practice (Canadian Nurses Association, 2004a). The decision I make as the director is likely to have a lot of impact on other staff members. One such impact is that it will serve as a lesson to all other nurses; hence, it should be made in the most appropriate way possible. Education on rights and practice principles will be of essence not just to Ruth, but to other staff members as well. It will be important for the nurses to understand the set guidelines and code of conducts and to make sure that they understand the reasons behind the action taken. References American Nurses Association. (2004). Nursing: scope and standards of practice. Washington, DC: Author. Berkowitz, K. & Chanko, B. (2004). National ethics: Ethical principles at the foundation of JCAHO’s ethics, rights and responsibilities standards. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: JCAHO. Burkhardt, M. A., & Nathaniel, A. K. (2002). Ethics & issues in contemporary nursing (2nd ed.). Toronto: Delmar Publishers. Canadian Nurses Association. (2004a). Registered nurses and human Rights. Ottawa: CNA. Havins W. (1999).Nevada Nurses Legal Handbook. Nevada: SBN. Ulrich, C., Taylor, C. & Soeken, K. et al. (2010). Everyday ethics: ethical issues and stress in nursing practice. J Adv Nurs, 66(11): 2510–2519. Read More
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