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Heart disease. Comprehensive Health History Paper - Essay Example

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Heart disease. Comprehensive Health History Paper.
According to historical facts, David Johnson has been suffering from coronary heart disease since childhood. The disease has been affecting his coronary system consequently exposing him to severe pain. …
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Heart disease. Comprehensive Health History Paper
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Extract of sample "Heart disease. Comprehensive Health History Paper"

Download file to see previous pages The disease has subjected him to continuous medication and treatment services that are costly and time consuming (Esselstyn, 2007). The disease has also compromised his social, economic and psychological capacity. This has been affecting his self-ego and esteem. These are fundamental elements for effective human development.
The patient has experienced heart failure on a single occasion in the year 2012. Consequently, David increased the dosage and vigor of medication. The patient has been taking Asprins, Beta-blockers and Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors designed for coronary heart failures and will continue until his status improves. David has also been subjected to continuous therapeutic nursing care services. It is highly likely that David will need such services for a lengthy period until the disease heals completely.
Health status, support and perceived barriers
David’s health status is currently improving due to the medical assistance available to him. His rampant chest discomfort has been reducing because he is not exposed to the potential risk factors. Consequently, his rapid pulse rate and prolonged breath complications that used to affect him have been treated using Calcium channel blockers (Esselstyn, 2007). Consequently, David can perform several tasks making him hopeful. This has enabled him to realize the power of friends and medical officials in his medication process. Various individuals including his friends, doctors and community members in the state have been treating him with care. These individuals are instrumental because they allow him to recuperate and ensure that necessary support is available. As noted, the friends and other concerned parties have been supporting him with material, spiritual and physical assistance. The incentives are to make him regain his potential and recuperate faster. However, various barriers compromise the effectiveness of the initiatives. These barriers include lack of adequate resources, poor diet and effective prevention of preventing atherosclerosis Chief complaint (CC) and History of present illness (HPI) The Chief Complain during the time of the interview included chest pain compounded with the shortness of breath. It is crucial to highlight that David has been taking Asprins to address the chest pain. However, the shortness of breath has not been fully addressed. David attributes his illness to high blood pressure, tobacco smoking, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol levels. Indeed, atherosclerosis is the leading cause that attack individuals from childhood (Gregson, 2001). The disease hides in the body cells and pronounces itself at maturity stage. This high risk factor is what exposed David to coronary complications at his age. Its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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