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Developing an Implementation Plan - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Developing an Implementation Plan Method of Obtaining Approval and Securing Support for the Solution For any project to be successful, the people carrying out the project must first seek the approval of leadership within the healthcare establishment that they work…
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Developing an Implementation Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Such resources include funds, equipment, transport and official recommendations among many others. Obtaining approval for a new solution or project is not an easy task. The first task in this process is convincing the leadership that the solution is relevant and effective. First of all, I will request for a meeting with the relevant authorities for the purpose of presenting my solution to them. I will then prepare thoroughly before the meeting, ensuring that I am fully conversant with all matters regarding the solution so that I may be able to satisfactorily answer all questions asked and, therefore, provide a good impression. This will prevent the leadership from turning down the solution because of my failure to provide sufficient information about it, and proving to them that the solution is more effective than current solutions. During this meeting, I will confidently explain the solution to the hospital authorities while trying to keep the details as straightforward as possible. I will then provide them with an opportunity to ask questions, criticize the solution, or provide their own opinion which may help to improve it. After obtaining the approval of the healthcare authorities, the next task will be to obtain the support of fellow staff. This is necessary because fellow healthcare staff participates in the process of testing the solution to determine its effectiveness. Furthermore, they will be the ones to apply the solution if tested and accepted, to evidence-based practice. Its final application in evidence-based practice will not be fully successful if not all the staffs are convinced of its relevance to the self-management of juvenile onset diabetes. In order to obtain their support, I will approach them and explain the solution to them, and how it will benefit them in their practice, and their patients in the management of their condition. Afterwards, I will give them the opportunity to critique the solution and provide their opinion so as to improve it and eliminate any weaknesses that I may have overlooked. I will then modify the solution in accordance with suggestions which are relevant. Description of Current Problem Current methods of managing diabetes mellitus type 1 involve insulin replacement therapy, dietary management, and careful blood glucose monitoring using glucose monitors. Current methods of glycemic control are quite complicated and, therefore, juveniles with diabetes type 1 mellitus have to visit the hospital on a regular basis for accurate blood glucose level checks. Additionally, they have to visit a healthcare facility during cases of sudden hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia which may have adverse effects on health. Recent advancements in medical technology have considerably simplified glycemic control and reduced the need to visit a health facility for checkups. This is because these new technologies have simplified continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), making it possible for juvenile patients to manage effectively their condition without having to visit a healthcare facility. For this new solution to be successful, patients have to be thoroughly educated on the methods of glycemic control, self-administration of insulin, and dietary management. Detailed Explanation of Proposed Solution For juvenile patients to control their type 1 diabetes effectively, they need to make independent decisions on a daily basis concerning insulin intake, diet, and exercise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing an Implementation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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