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As I visualize in five years - Essay Example

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A 5 Year Visualization As we go about our lives in 2013, one cannot help but stand back in awe and amazement at the way that technology, science, and various current events have led to a fast paced change in our life style, method of dealing with people, and the way we conduct our daily lives…
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As I visualize in five years
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Download file to see previous pages Life as we know it today will be totally different by the time the year 2017 rolls around. To begin with, computer technology and usage will continue to become an even more important and time consuming part of our daily lives. With our internet connected appliances, we will rely on the computer to keep tabs on our daily needs by gently reminding us of whatever life sustaining needs we may be falling short of already. Our refrigerators will be able to instantly compile our grocery list and place that order for delivery or pick up from our local grocery store. Cellular phones will be totally merged with the tablet PC by then and no longer exist as the small hand held devices that we are currently familiar with. Social networking via social media websites will take over our social lives by the year 2017. This means that man will sadly, no longer have the ability, or have a totally diminished physical and mental ability to interact with one another on a personal basis. Man will be mentally affected by the advent of social media networking as a way to meet and interact with people because he will have a total distrust of the people that he has the opportunity to meet face to face and have physical contact with. So most of the social and business interaction of that time will already be done via virtual office meetings using Skype and similar technology. As much as possible, people will not want others to know how they truly look because the avatars that they create to represent themselves will look better than the actual person. Thus nobody will know what the other people in their environment will look like anymore, nor will they care about what they can actually see, touch, and feel. Medical technology will be totally automated by that time as well. I envision the field of patient care to have machines and robots doing most of the jobs that human beings are currently undertaking in the hospital setting. This means that no human being will ever be seen on the floor. Instead, the human operators will be hidden in the back office of hospitals where their physical participation can be limited and the possibility of malpractice suits can be brought down to a minimum. The human touch, that has slowly been diminishing from the actual world at the moment due to overworked and underpaid health care workers at the moment will be a thing of the past for they shall no longer exist in the shape and form that we currently know them to have. Money in terms of physical dollars and cents will also cease to exist as we know it. With people opting for a cashless society that uses the scanning technology of their tablet PC to access virtual cash that can be used to pay for goods and services. People shall no longer working from real offices. Rather, telecommuting will be the way of the future and people shall all work from home where, future scientific studies about workman effectiveness will show, people can function much better in a professional setting due to the lack of stress and personal comfort that being able to work from anywhere provides for the worker. Religion in itself will probably be a dying institution by that time as science continues to uncover the facts that disprove the religious beliefs and traditions that are written in the bible and advocated by evangelists and preachers. As people turn more and more towards science to explain the life cycle of man, religion shall become irrelevant in the daily lives of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(As I Visualize in Five Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
As I Visualize in Five Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“As I Visualize in Five Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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