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Evidenced-Based Practice:Establishing gold standard approaches to Rapid Tranquilisation in Mental health nursing. A review and - Essay Example

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Evidenced-Based Practice: Establishing Gold Standard Approaches To Rapid Tranquilization in Mental Health Nursing Name: Institution: Introduction Nursing involves taking care of the sick whether from home or from long term community placement. Nursing is more of a calling than a career; this is because nurses deal with different types of patients ranging from pediatrics to the psychics in mental hospitals…
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Evidenced-Based Practice:Establishing gold standard approaches to Rapid Tranquilisation in Mental health nursing. A review and
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Download file to see previous pages Discussion There are a number of reasons why it is important for advanced practice nurses to be aware of healthcare policy of the country of practice. As an experienced nurse, one might decide to venture into nursing as a career some of which include providing an opportunity to the nurses to be close to their patients as they take care of them in a country far away from home (Chesnay, 2004). Most nurses win the trust of their patients unlike in any other career. Nursing is a career whereby sometimes we don’t have to say a thing but just give a listening ear and console the family members of the sick and the bereaved (Lundy & Janes, 2009). Advanced nursing requires adequate information on the healthcare policy of a country for various reasons. This paper will give a detailed study of the various aspects that determines this consideration. Medication Nursing also offers challenging opportunities as it is always a continuous learning experience when nurses deal with these different challenges. It becomes a problem when the policies of the country of practice run things differently as the country of study. ...
The nursing career offers one a chance to venture in entrepreneurship by starting personal clinics after being issued with The Registered Nursing License. It is important to ensure that the policy of the country of practice provide a flexible environment to ensure easy application (NursingLaw&Order, 2011). The healthcare policy of another country may dictate different terms regarding permanent employment. After pursuing nursing as a course, one is sure of getting employed since there is a shortage of nurses worldwide and their starting salary is approximately $50,000. Given that nurses work in shifts and overtime schedules are provided due to the shortage, nurses get the opportunity to earn more (Rosenbaum & Turner, 2003). Nurses can also start working 2 years after they have begun their training and at the same time they have to keep their brains stimulated since new nursing theories keep coming up. For instance, in cases of midwifery, the birth/delivery methods keep improving and changing hence nurses have to keep themselves at per so as to deliver better services (SingaporeNursingBoard, 2010). Knowledge of the policy ensures proper running of the employment plan for the nurse. My concept of nursing is that all patients are human beings, and they should be treated with respect regardless of their financial statuses. This is a concept that advocates for caring of the family members of the patients since they play a big role on how the patient will respond to treatment and medication. The policy of a country may state otherwise. The verdict may be to treat only patients that are able to pay or are covered by insurance schemes. As nurses help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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