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Safe guarding vulnerable adults - Essay Example

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 6th, January, 2013 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Evidence Based Practice requires clinicians to search relevant primary literature to respond to key clinical questions. There are millions of articles and other literature materials available for a certain course…
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Safe guarding vulnerable adults
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Download file to see previous pages However, such resources have complicated literature search, necessitating establishment of sophisticated search strategies. This essay focuses on the literature searching process undertaken to obtain literature for my presentation. The first search strategy applied in the study is the use of well-build clinical questions. In this context, well-built research questions are questions deduced from the research topic such that they respond to key issues that forms the topic (Affuso, Capello, & Fratesi, 2011). My presentation addressed safeguarding vulnerable adults. I used the topic to formulate research questions for the presentation. The main questions considered for the search included: What causes vulnerability among adults? What is the variation in terms of vulnerability across gender and social class? (Thacker, 2011). What is role of the federal government in caring for vulnerable adults? In addition, what are the impacts of pension among vulnerable adults? The four questions were used to locate relevant literature from clinical databases. In each case the journal article or literature, material was selected according to its response to a particular question. For example Antonio, Roberta & Ugo (2011), argues that globalization and liberal social systems contribute to neglect of old people. Thus, the article responds to the second question, which is concerned with vulnerability across different genders and social class. Cooke-Hubley & Maddalena (2011), advocates for counseling and medical support for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. The article provides a precise response to the question concerning the causes of vulnerability among the adult population. Lastly, Payne (2008) analyzes strategies that could be applied to safeguard adults at end life. The article provides a sufficient response to the questions related to the impacts of pension on the elderly population. The second literature search strategy utilizes Key Words. Key words are words and phrases that form the basis of a research question. The key word strategy is the most commonly used strategy particularly when using electronic databases such as BNI, Medline, CINAHL, and ASSIA. Key word defines the boundaries of a particular search and, hence simplifies the search (Harvard, 2007). While using this strategy I used the already constructed research questions (Davies, & Nolan, 2006). Each of the research question was broken down into key words and phrases for easy search. In a particular search operation, key words were combined using Boolean operators to yield required results. Synonyms for key words are also required to facilitate the search. The following key words were developed from the research topic Safeguarding, Conservation, Protection, Defense vulnerable, liable, disposed, prone, subjected, adults, aged, elderly, and weak (Work, 2009). A particular combination of the key words yielded the required resource. Moreover, truncation of words was carried out to facilitate the search. Word truncation involves finding the base of key words. The following words are the basis for key words used in the search safe, conserve, and vuln* The following table provides a sample chart used to explore “Safeguarding vulnerable adults” using key words. Safeguarding Conservation Protection Defense Vulnerable Liable Disposed Prone Subjected Adults Aged elderly The search can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Safe Guarding Vulnerable Adults Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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