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Uses of Simulation Technology in Hospitals - Article Example

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Simulation refers to the imitation or representation of one act or a system by another. It is used in the education sector, assessment purposes, research and also health system integration which is utilized for the patients’ wellbeing…
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Uses of Simulation Technology in Hospitals
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Download file to see previous pages Simulation is based on three types, which are live, virtual and also constructive simulation. It can also be of combined styles with live simulation involving humans or equipment and activity in a setting where the operation is real. The virtual simulation, on the other hand, involves humans and equipment but in a computerized controlled setting (Wilson & Rockstraw, 2011). This mainly depends on time factor making the users concentration extremely significant. Constructive simulations do not involve humans or equipment rather than time and the occurrence of events. These can be seen by the occurrence of hurricane among others. How Simulation can be used as Orientation Teaching Modalities Simulation is used for training in schools to procedures which are irreversible such as patient care and surgery. This is also used in testing the student’s performance in communication skills, application of the knowledge they have and also be able to think critically. Through simulation, the students are able to be provided by a powerful learning experience (Bayley & Drury, 1998). Through this, they are grouped for the purpose of assessment. Simulation has enabled students to take part in fragile and surgical patient treatment. Most of the students gain experience as the devices are able to be controlled in case of a misunderstanding of a student or an emergency thereby not causing deaths and injuries. Learning in the healthcare system requires the knowledge and skills which are mostly developed through apprenticeship. Through the situations occurrence in the livelihood, the students are able to gain experience and become more competent. This is seen as a better way of learning as the experiences enable them applying their skills. Simulation also offers a scheduled and a learning experience which is not easily obtained in real life. Students can obtain techniques on dealing with a high workload, coordination under stress and gaining of information regarding principles to be considered as they put it in practice (Dyro, 2004). Through simulation, the learners are able to correct their mistakes without an expertise intervention as it is computerized. This gives an adequate knowledge of the areas with flaws so as to avoid future mistakes. The learning experience through the simulation process can also be customized. The stimulation process incorporates all students despite being experts in the field (Dyro, 2004). The simulation training method is helpful when it comes to illness like heart attack, allergic reactions and malignant hyperthermia among others. Simulation allows repetition of activities which provides a better place for one’s learning experience in the field (Kyle & Murray, 2008). How Simulation can be used in the Academic Setting In the academic setting, stimulation is used for research purposes. Many research activities happen in order to improve the patients’ safety and also in dealing with difficult illnesses, which have emerged. This also improves the quality of services provided as it is undemanding to evaluate an improved system of treatment. New procedures can be studied under the simulated conditions through the tests conducted. The different kinds of simulation which include virtual live and computer based may be used in finding a solution to a given research conducted (Wilson & Rockstraw, 2011). Through simulation, learners can experience a safe environment for practice. This is because of the technology which prevents one from endangering the health of the patient which makes it a better tool to be used as compared to the traditional education which was risky to the patient’s life (Satava, 1995). The environment can also be seen to as conducive as it allows learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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