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In the report “Falls Prevention in Australia” the author analyzes falls, which are considered a major challenge in health care. They can cause considerable injury and it can even cause their death. Unintentional falls are common risks mostly among elderly individuals…
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Falls Prevention in Australia
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Extract of sample "Falls Prevention in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages Unintentional falls are common risks mostly among elderly individuals who may experience non-fatal injuries from these falls. Fall-related injuries are common among these older adults, hip fractures being one of them. Mortality rates in relation to falls are also high in this age group, and death is even a major possibility among those 85 years and above (Currie, 2007). This is also the case in Australia where the common sufferers of falls belong to the above 65 age group (Department of Health and Ageing, 2012). Fall-related injuries mostly include hip fractures and wrist fractures. Some patients have also been known to suffer head injuries from their falls. The older the patient, the risk of death is also higher, especially among the above 85 years old age group (Department of Health and Ageing, 2012). The cost and health impact of these falls are also significant, sometimes leading to other health problems and issues (Currie, 2007). For the elderly individuals, the recovery period from their falls is usually longer. Due to prolonged healing, they may also develop pressure ulcers which can further delay the healing process (Currie, 2007). Falls management cost the government millions of dollars, with costs amounting to 170 million dollars for fall-related injuries. Moreover, the risk of re-injury or future falls is also an ever-persistent risk for patients (Currie, 2007). In effect, falls are a significant public health issue which needs to be addressed by health authorities. Throughout the years, various studies have been undertaken on the problem of falls and related injuries, including interventions to prevent and manage their occurrence. This study seeks to evaluate the clinical question: How significant is lighting in the prevention of falls among the elderly? This study shall first evaluate the literature on falls prevention, critically evaluating such literature and assessing their formal and structural validity and reliability. This review shall also discuss the search strategy applied in order to establish studies to be reviewed. Then, it will identify the critical assessment tool to be used to evaluate the data. A critical review of the validity of the study findings will also be discussed. Potential barriers and facilitators to the implementation and/or maintenance of the strategy shall then follow. This paper shall end with a conclusion which is based on the quality of the studies and relevance of the findings. Body There were six studies retrieved for this study, and most of them were quantitative studies. Five of the studies had a prospective experimental design. One study had a correlational design. All of the studies were quantitative studies, in other words, they are an empirical assessment of phenomena using numerical and statistical analysis and frameworks (Bruce, Pope, and Sanistreet, 2008). Five of the studies were prospective studies as they were carried out on respondents who would be recruited and who were to be subjected to various procedures and processes. Experimental studies are those which evaluate cause and effect relations among respondents which are studied under controlled settings (Bruce, et.al., 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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