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Family and Diversity - Essay Example

Effects of the course on my professional practice The course has influenced me by developing my insight into the two topics, family, and diversity, towards understanding their impacts on people’s quality of life and the need for appropriate nursing intervention. The concept of nuclear family and its significance on social factors that eventually have direct effects on well being is for example notable from the readings. Bringing children up in a normal family set up with both the father and the mother is for example beneficial and lead to children’s well being. This is true as compared to condition of children who are brought up by single parents, either because the parents’ divorce or because they were born out of wedlock. The course material, with this respect, advocates for promotion of normal family set ups. While such knowledge seems to be more social oriented than a concern in nursing, it has developed my consciousness about the social importance of the family as a construct towards children’s well being. This is particularly because of the relationship between psychological and physiological health and the fact that enhanced emotional health promotes physiological health through preventive approaches (Coleman and Ganong, 2003). The course’s elements on family have therefore enlightened me of the need to pay attention to patients’ social issues as an avenue towards generating strategies for comprehensive nursing care. Based on the course’s concepts of family and its effects on children’s

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Although family exists in almost every society its form varies and has been constantly changing over the years. Here we will recognize and analyze the reasons behind these changes and increasing family diversity. (Browne,2006) There are many social institutions in our society apart from family such as peer group, religion, mass media, education and healthcare.
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The impact of this ease is not limited to leisure, tourism and educational fields but the businesses are also greatly affected by this change. The organizations have experienced both positive and negative effects of globalization. The businesses, educational institutes, and other concerned bodies are incorporating these changes brought in as a result of globalization within their policies and regulatory systems.
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Diversity Dimension
Diversity Dimension Name Course Instructor Institution Date Abstract In order to achieve equality in employment, organizations have to take in to account both affirmative action and anti discrimination legislation as well as other approaches to managing diversity dimension.
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Diversity Interview
However, upon a more thorough review, it becomes clear that diversity is in fact even more important than these aspects due to the fact that it ultimately allows the decision-makers, stakeholders, and affiliates of an entity/organization/company to fulfill each of these determinant needs to a more complete degree.
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Diversity Hiring
The challenge for many CEOs is to directly infuse their diversity belief systems into the organization. The test for diversity practitioners in many organizations is to overcome diversity resistors and to leverage the power of the CEO's vision to make diversity happen.
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Dickens (1994) spells out the effective management of diversity in order to provide equal opportunities to the workforce and strengthen core competencies of the organization. Diversity not only comes in the form of culture and values, but it also consists of several other visible and non-visible factors, which include personal characteristics such as sex, race, age, background, culture, disability, personality and work-style.
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It can also refer to all the members of a household under one roof or it can be a group of persons sharing common ancestry. Diem (1997), a political scientist on the
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On the other side, sociology of actions advocates the concept of an independent man, able to realize his full potential and to create a truly human social order only when freed from external constraint.
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12 domain of culture Family Diversity and Size
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Diversity Defined
As such, diversity means a condition or state wherein there are different or dissimilar components. The fact that makes defining the term challenging is when it is applied to various perspectives, disciplines, or situations. From the previous writing experience, one was
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current and future well being, I have also learnt of the need to inquire about a patient’s social background and environment before considering provision of care. The general trend in shift from the formally stable family set ups to high rates of single parenting also means that care strategies should be developed to help children from single families in managing and overcoming the associated psychological pressure towards well being (Coleman and Ganong, 2003). Diversity, as discussed in the course materials, have similarly influenced my perceived approach to nursing care. This is because of the developed knowledge of times series diversity in social environments. Family orientation and the identified psychological effects that may even affect physiological well being is the ultimate factor of the diversity in which the society has broken from the previous social cohesion in which nuclear families were responsible for sustaining marriages and providing a right social environment for children’s development. This has however changed and even though a trend identifies increasing efforts among both fathers and mothers in spending more time with their children, rates of divorce and out of wedlock births are on the rise as women engage in professional activities as opposed to their previous domestic roles (Coleman and Ganong, 2003). The diversity therefore identifies an increased commitment to meet children’s social needs within weak social constructs. While this may succeed in some families who stick together and promotes the children’s well being, the weak social constructs are a threat to the society’s ultimate well being and a solution is necessary. The course materials have with this respect influenced me to the concept that social stability is essential to people’s well being, both psychological and physiological, and I have determined to implement social approaches towards


Family and diversity Nurse 10 Mercy College Fall 2012 Family and diversity Introduction The scope of nursing involves provision of care to the society, at individual, family and community level, to ensure people’s well being through prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders…
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Family and Diversity
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