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Group Assignment “A Study of Factors Affecting Moving-Forward Behavior among People with Spinal Cord Injury” Abstract People with spinal cord injury (SCI) can promote their livelihood by enhancing their self-efficacy and perception. The purpose of the research was to establish the connection between moving-forward behavior,” diseases characteristic and social support towards people with SCI (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011)…
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Group Assignment
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Group Assignment “A Study of Factors Affecting Moving-Forward Behavior among People with Spinal Cord Injury” People with spinal cord injury(SCI) can promote their livelihood by enhancing their self-efficacy and perception. The purpose of the research was to establish the connection between moving-forward behavior,” diseases characteristic and social support towards people with SCI (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011). This required descriptive-correlation and cross-sectional study design. Selection of participants was carried out through cluster random sampling method (n=210). A statistically considerable connection was found between moving-forward behavior and age (t = -2.30, p < .05), self-efficacy (? = -0.25, p < .01), and self-perception (? = -0.39, p < .01) (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011). Age (odds ratio [OR] = 0.964, p < .05) and self-perception (OR = 0.824, p < .05) were both considerable predictors of moving-forward behavior (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011). Introduction The study considers SCI as a catastrophic occurrence in a person’s life. In normal circumstances, SCI leads to total or partial physical impairment among patients. The researcher identified impacts of SCI as the main research problem. As stated, SCI leads to total impairment and, therefore the researcher could have explored management practices for SCI patients. The study also needed to incorporate elements of qualitative research to measure the extent of either problem in the society (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011). Literature Review Literature review involves a precise analysis of available literature to materials to determine its relationship with the article. The article uses a variety of primary and secondary sources to support its argument. In addition, the research problems identified by the author are direct consequences of the identified literature. Most literature on SCI explores the impacts of the condition on the society. Other related literature also explores the significance of support towards people with SCI. Conceptual theoretical Framework The article explores the connection between moving forward behavior and social support towards SCI victims. Thus, the article provides a link between "moving forward behavior” and social support literature. Hypotheses or Research Question The study considers moving “forward behavior” to be directly related to self-efficacy. This hypothesis raised several research question related to the rate of influence. Method Research Design and Research Traditions The study employed quantitative study to measures the impacts of self-efficacy and self-perception on spinal cord n rehabilitation. Such study requires a cross-sectional design in order to measure the relationship between different variables. Population and Sample This required the researcher to have an extensive sample that captured a wide range of participants. The study selected participants who were willing and capable of responding to the questionnaire. 50-60 participants were selected from each of the identified location. Data Collection and Measurement Been a quantitative research the study needed to achieve an empirical relationship between various research variables. However, the study achieved a descriptive relationship between self-efficacy and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Procedures Primary data for the study was collected through questionnaires that constituted the four areas of consideration. The main areas of consideration for the study included demographics, self-perception, and diseases characteristics. Results Data Analysis Out of 210 respondents considered for the study, 78.1% perceived the significance of moving forward, while 21% were not able to move forward (Chen, Lai, & Wu, 2011). Findings The study was able to provide a precise classification of SCI patient for a given population. However, the study does not provide a relationship between the three variables. Discussion Interpretation of the Findings According to the study, moving forward behavior among SCI patients is dependent on age, self-efficacy, and self-perception. The study did not establish any relationship between demographics and disease characteristics. In addition, patients who valued self-acceptance showed better chances of improvement compared to those who had no self-acceptance. The author bases his argument on the impacts of self-esteem and acceptance among patient as a considerable aspect of recovery. According to the article, medical conditions such as disabilities are long-term problems. Due to the nature of such problems, patients are required to adopt the best management practices. The author’s discussion is designed to support his results and hypothesis. However, discussions are supposed to explore both sides of the problem or existence of alternative solutions to a particular research problem. In such cases, the research needed to explore other measures that could be applied to improve the lives of SCI victims. Implications The ability of SCI patients to manage the condition is dependent on various factors including social support and satisfaction. The article also explores the contribution of constant income towards instilling moving forward behavior among SCI patients. Been a quantitative study, the author was also required to discuss the relationship between variables. The study can be utilized as a rationale in care and rehabilitation centre for SCI patients. Reference Chen, H.Y., Lai, C.H. & Wu, T.J. (2011). A Study of Factors Affecting Moving-Forward Behavior among People with Spinal Cord Injury, Rehabilitation Nursing, (36) 3, 391-127. Read More
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