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Core Competencies required for all Rehab Registered Nurses - Research Paper Example

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Core Competencies Required for All Rehab Registered Nurses Name Institution Core Competencies Required for All Rehab Registered Nurses Rehabilitation practices and principles were initiated many years ago; however, the practice became recognized within a considerable span of time, years later after it had been invented…
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Core Competencies required for all Rehab Registered Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Many nurses have been credited for playing significant roles in elevating the rehabilitation concepts. In the year 1854, Florence Nightingale was the significant figure to introduce rehabilitation concepts in England. Notably, during this period, rehabilitation practices reduced mortality rates particularly during the Crimean War. Isabel Adams Hampton introduced the rehabilitation practices and principles in North America between 1860 and 1910. In emphasizing the underlying principles and practices of rehabilitations, Hampton pointed out that it is important to be clean and asepsis throughout the rehabilitation processes in order to reduce chances of secondary infections (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, n.d.). Therefore, it vital for the rehabilitation nurses to remain clean all through the practice as well as maintaining cleanliness within and about the rehabilitation structures. The hygiene among the key principle of nursing rehabilitation can only be achieved by meeting competency requirements. It should be noted that rehabilitation is the process of recovery or adaptation whereby on a person suffering from functionality or disabling limiting conditions that may be irreversible or temporary, participates to regain maximum independence, functionality, and restoration. Rehabilitation services or programs aims at assisting a person to help from trauma or illness resulting from loss of functions that may include physical, social, psychological, and vocation (Mauk, n.d.). According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) (2007), rehabilitation is the process that aims at restoring an individual’s mental or physical ability lost from injuries or diseases. Rehabilitation processes may be short lived or may be practiced on an individual for the rest of their lives depending on the extent and nature of injury. Goals of a rehabilitation practices are often defined within the goals that are mutually established within each individual’s practice of rehabilitation (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, n.d.). Additionally, the underlying practices and principles within each defined rehabilitation process are often guided by the development care plan that is available or developed by a rehab nurse (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson at el, 2011). In other words, the rehabilitation practices or goals are defined within the desired results for each rehabilitation client. The entire rehabilitation team often share or concentrate on a particular rehab area thereby sharing similar goals for the same client. The most vital purposes of the rehabilitation include maximizing self-dependence, self-care, restoring and maintaining functions, encouraging adaptation, and preventing complications (Mauk, n.d.). There are numerous goals and objectives of undertaking rehabilitation measures; however, a particular practice is often pegged on the desired outcome as per the care planning forwarded by the interdisciplinary team. Competencies and Certification The Basic Rehabilitation Nursing Practices Competencies were published in the 1994 by the ARN. The manual was produced to help in precept or educate, teach, and orientate new nurses on the requirements and principles of rehabilitation. The understanding of the rehabilitation was divided into three stages that cover a total of twelve months (Mauk, n.d.). Each phase has its own training goals and objects towards competency. The first phase incorporates a three months training where the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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